Cryme Tyme


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Well, if you saw the best show of the year yesterday, Smackdown, you saw Cryme Tyme split up for no apparent reason. They never even teased a breakup yet Shad bruttaly attacked JTG.

Aside from the fact there are like 3 teams in the WWE, what are your thoughts on this? Shad as the heel and JTG as the face.

Surely they will both be future endeavored within 6 months, right?


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Cryme Tyme as a gimmick was pretty well played out, if you ask me, and Gaspard's mad face ain't half bad. I see the turn as a solid step in the right direction for him. That's about all that can be done for his career right now. JTG, we'll have to wait and see. I doubt he'd get his pink slip first, since he seems to be over more (or is the old rumor about Shad being on the bubble shading my opinion here?)

Either way, they're getting some storyline, so I all but stood and cheered at the boot to the face!


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I'm happy with it, I guess. I was really wanting them to get the tag titles at some point, but if it hadn't of happened by now I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Many have said that when this happens, JTG would end up being the star. He is damn talented, but I've always enjoyed Shad as well. It looks like Shad will be the one getting the push...I was thinking maybe a new team with Big Zeke? That would be badass, even though Zeke doesn't need it.

I don't see both of them getting endeavoured, maybe one. Maybe neither.


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Shad has the size so I figure he'll get the bigger push even though JTG is the more talented wrestler. JTG and Truth could make a good tag team. I just dont see JTG surviving on his own.

We'l see though.


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I like it a lot, I think this will do wonders for both of them actually. Shad is a legit big man who can cause havoc and JTG is pretty talented himself.

Glad Shad turned on him.


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its tough to gauge at the start when tag teams split up...whats going to happen with both and if they feud whos going to win the battle?

shad is bigger...i wonder if either will get reactions on their own...


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Thought Shad's promo on Smackdown was pretty good and then his boot to JTG was nice. I'd like them to get time on PPV but most likely they'll just have something on Smackdown at some point. I have liked it so far, though.


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Haven't got any chances to see this feud, didn't see much of Smackdown either, but it does sound like it's going very good so far.

Cryme Tyme were a decent tag team, would have wished to see them at least get the tag belts at some stage, but alas it was never meant to be.


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WWE is short on top level heels. Shad's size makes him a candidate. Plus as shown on Smackdown this week he seems to have a character worth playing a round with. If it fails they will probably put Cryme Tyme back together like it never happened.