Cryme Tyme members...take your pick


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Just like the "Who would you rather have?" poll, I was thinking we could have different threads about the positive and negatives of different wrestlers/tag teams.

Also pick who you'd rather have and who you think wil end up with the better career in the long run.

First up: Shad Gaspard & JTG aka Cryme Tyme


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Shad as the power, but JTG is the better overall wrestler in my opinion. I think when they split up JTG is going to have a push as a mid-carder I think he can hold his own against a lot of other mid-carders.

That's not saying Shad isn't a good wrestler because he's not awful I just believe when you compare both of them JTG clearly comes up on top.

JTG will have the better career out of the two.


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Well said MJ...

When asked, "who would you rather have in Cryme Tyme" I would have to say JTG. I think they both are pretty good wrestlers in the ring but JTG is a little better. Shad does move quite well for a big man and if he improves could end up being the better wrestler but not quite yet. There was online talk too that Shad was on thin ice because he's not improving enough in the ring...that's heresay though.

If anything CT connects with the crowd quite well and have gotten over in a short period of time...for whatever reason they have that charisma that people are drawn too. They are getting quite the push right now...JTG pinned Chris fucking Jericho...I hope they get up for the occasion and make the most of it.

I think Cryme Tyme's biggest plus is that they are a legitimate Tag Team with a Tag Team gimmick. You have so few guys these day that the sum of their parts is greater then the individuals that make up the team. You have two guys under one gimmick.

Negative, I think they are dangerously close to just becoming a comedy routine.


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I think JTG is the better of the two. For the record they should never have changed his name they should have stuck with The Neighborhoodie.
Maybe I'm bias because I just saw a JTG singles match against Jericho and I haven't seen a single match with Shad, yet. Maybe next week on SmackDown! it'll be Shad vs Big Show in a match and I can come to a better conclusion on who I'll pick. Right now I won't say anything until I get a better perspective of Shad.