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aka ginger warlock
For a long time I think crying was seen as something women did and men were meant to keep a stiff upper lip and not let their emtions be shown. I think in todays society this has changed and it is now acceptable. But do you think it is? Do you think crying is a sign of weakness to be done behind closed doors or do you think it is just human?

I personally believe it is okay to cry if you need to, mianly as I can get upset at stupid and none stupid things but how do you feel?


Lion Rampant
For me, crying is like picking your nose. It's sometimes necessary, but never that much fun to watch. If I feel something up there and nobody's around, there's no reason to leave it hanging.

Somebody said not long ago here on GF that if anything, it gets easier to cry as you get older [because you see the world more clearly.] Sounds kind of negative, but I wonder. It is definitely easier to feel other people's pain, for one thing, just speaking from my own experience.


rainbow 11!
I won't look at anyone negatively if they cry in front of me. I will just try to do more for them to make their worries go away. That being said, I don't cry often and I really don't like being vulnerable in front of people. I am the queen of compartmentalizing and being able to put up a front. Granted, I am not as bad on the forum, but getting me to open up face to face is like pulling teeth. I always feel so awkward and I try to wait for a good time to bring whatever is wrong up, but it is hard, so I just swallow it and eventually either move on or whatever.


Registered Member
I cried for the first time in front of friends and a few strangers ( i burst into tears in a supermarket queue ) :shake: a couple of months ago and felt embarassed but also so relieved, i tend to bottle things up until it gets too much, i usually reach that point on my own but this time it hit me at the worst time ever and i couldn't keep it in any longer, it's been good though as i tend to be able to talk easier now to these friends.
I never see it as a weakness in others though despite always holding it in myself, i have a male friend who cries alot, even at tv adverts lol bless him!


Sally Twit
I cry very often. I never used to. It's only the past couple of years where I've become a lot more emotional.
Films can make me cry now. As can certain adverts (Embrace Life - always wear your seat belt - YouTube).

I wish more people weren't afraid to cry when they needed to. Far too many people keep their feelings bottled up inside and then it gets too much for them.
I always feel much better when I let it all out and have a good cry.
I think it makes a man more of a man if he isn't afraid to show how he is really feeling.


Registered Member
I don't know...

My experience has usually been that men aren't supposed to cry. Being a heart-on-my-sleeve kind of guy, I tend to cry easily, even in public. I try not to, but I usually fail as I just can't keep it in.

I always feel embarassed when I do cry in public because other people are usually embarassed and try to avoid me. Then I get angry at myself for making others uncomfortable so I go somewhere private, get more depressed, and then cry some more.

It's a wonder I don't get dehydrated and die.


No Custom Title Exists
I cry and I am not ashamed to admit it because there is nothing wrong with crying, it's normal, someone does one thing to let out the emotions, I cry to let out my emotions. For situations like a death or stress, I don't cry but if it's a movie or a book, I'll cry.


I cry A LOT. For me I never cry for things like physical pain. I can break bones etc and just whine but I rarely cry from pain. I do cry at the drop of a hat with everything else though. Frustration, stress, sadness. I cry a lot in films and TV shows. I will cry in a movie if something sad happens, but I also cry just as much if something is to me really beautiful in a film.


Registered Member
I cried a lot when I was younger but not now. And I def wouldn't cry in a public school since it attracts bullies. But I don't get that it's wrong for a guy to cry. I mean hey, everybody has tear ducts and anyone can cry so it's def normal.
Anyway, the last time I wanted to cry was when I fell off a stockade fence last summer and thought I broke my arm. I think I did cry, just not a lot. Well, maybe a lot, I don't remember. I def cried when I fell outa the tree 2 or 3 years ago.


Registered Member
I dont cry.But it really depends on condition.If I make some physical hurt to me,I dont cry,just whimper.But if I have bad mood,because I lost for example my friend and so,I think I would cry.But in other side,I don t show my emotions to my surroundigs.But the reason is not that I m shy,just for my personality.Easy said,I m just so.
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