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Crying Children


Registered Member
Nanner said:
I'm always amazed at people who can do foster. Don't think I'm cut out for that. Infact I KNOW I couldn't do it! A BIG YEAH to you for being one of the special people!
Isn't it funny......my daughter (I think I've mentioned she is adopted)? Everyone has said from birth she looks like my hubby. Even now at 3.5 we get comments from people....both ones who know and ones who don't. Also she fits in here so well.....she's goofy like her Mommy....her fav foods are like her Daddy plus the look alike thing....plus a bunch of other things that make her perfect. Makes me glad I couldn't have kids......just wish I was about 10 yrs younger and I could still have her.

Oh and my very helpful hint on the Sat night screaming thing? Ahhh I don't know??????????????????

GOOD LUCK on the adoption!

Thank you.....The Adoption is going to take us some time...but I am so willing to wait...he is perfect!!!

And a lot of people say to me they could never do foster care...they would get to attached and would not want to give the children back...The thing is it is not that way at all...well its not that way most of the time...these are not OUR kids...they are someone else's and boy do most the kids let you know that too....
I had a lot of problems after I had my daughter and it was not till years later I found I could not have any more kids...then had to have surgery and such....so I was really sad I could not have any more...so I thought foster care would be great...i could help all these sweet innocent kids and in turn have more than my one baby........yeah surprise surprise... I was in for a rude awakening..our first child was a 4 year old boy...hahah that beat me up on a regular basis...I even had to have x-ray's done on my arm one time we thought he broke it.....went to work everyday with new bruses on me.....
so my point is...you don't alway get attached and in your heart they are either going to go home or up for adoption.....and sometimes you call the social worker and beg for them to just go home....
but then there is surprise cases like our Austen...made it all worth it!!!
If we never desided to do foster care I would never of had another child...although we never had any intentions on adopting...it's like he was put right in our arms and God said "here this one is yours"..and I truly believe that with all my heart!!!
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