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Movies Crying At The Movies?


I am the woolrus
How often do films make you cry? Are there any films in particular that are particular tear jerkers?

The only film that has ever made me cry is The Elephant Man. I don't know what it is about it, but it does it every single bloody time! I mean, i sat through Up! completely stonefaced, but i can't watch The Elephant Man without at least welling up!

The only other time i remember coming close to tears for a film was when iw as watching The Champ... Although that could have been partly influenced by being in a room full of people bawling their eyes out watching it :p
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lol I cry a lot at the movies. No matter where I am and with who, I always cry even when there's just a simple hug or kiss lol.
My friends laugh at me.


Registered Member
there are two movies that I can think of that will at least make me get all bleary eyed... one is defendor...the ending especially... though it is tears of happiness though... and the other... again it's mainly the ending... is the road... I'd rather not go into why...


I've shed a few tears while watching movies. The most recent (and the only one I remember off the top of my head) was 50/50. It even got me the second time too. Haha.


Sally Twit
I never used to cry at films. As I have gotten older I have become more emotional and now I am always crying during a sad or touching moment. When I watch a film I do block everything else out and get really in to it, though.

The Elephant Man gets me every time as well. If you're not normally like that it may be because you know it's based on a true story.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've never cried at a movie theater, but I've shed some tears watching movies at home. I won't lie, I've done it quite often. I cry a lot when I watch movies involving animals, especially when one of them dies in the movie. I refuse to watch Marly and Me because I heard it was pretty sad. I wouldn't be able to take it, especially since I cried a lot when I watched Eight Below.

Like Bliss, when I was younger it didn't effect me at all, except when I watched Dogs go to Heaven when I was around six and cried my heart out. It's just when I was in my early twenties that I became more emotional to sad things, not just in movies either. I definitely get that from my mom.
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I've only ever cried in one movie, the green mile, it's the saddest movie I've ever seen and I don't cry often


I cry at the movies all the time! When I am home alone watching a DVD I tend to cry heaps, even if it's not that sad. I dunno, when I'm alone I just let go. Even when I am with other people or at a cinema though I can't help but cry. I cry in heaps of movies.

If I'm at a cinema I usually try and stop crying before I leave though. I don't want to leave the cinema at the end in a big teary mess. The last movie I cried heaps in, and I mean HEAPS was 'Red Dog'. I basically cried from start to finish, it was crazy. And I saw that one at the cinema.
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