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Discussion in 'Anime' started by Kanji, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Kanji

    Kanji Registered Member

    I was wondering if anyone has possibly got an account at Crunchy Roll yet? I hear its now 100% legal and there videos are pro subed and some of them are even up converted to 720p. So far its the only popular subscription based anime streaming service that I know of. So if anyone has happened to take the plunge and bought a membership, is it really worth it?

    Here is some links with more info:

    Crunchyroll FAQ - WikiRoll

    CrunchyRoll BLOG| Asian Entertainment News + Anime, Asian Drama, Movie

    crunchyroll - feed your need!

  2. Mason

    Mason phawq

    I have a crunchyroll account. I don't really use it, though, as I much prefer downloading mkv/avi files over streaming.
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  3. Kanji

    Kanji Registered Member

    I decided to take the plunge and start an account there.
    I haven't watched anything yet, but when I do I will post my opinion here.
    Here is a link to my profile on Crunchy Roll:
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  4. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    I've had a CR account since December of last uh last year,amazing website. It just sucks when good animes get licensed but they normally do well because they are actually good...My CR is Wildstyle by the way.

    EDIT: Wow i've been a member for over two years.
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  5. Kanji

    Kanji Registered Member

    I watched Kaede New Town in H.264 and the quality was great. I had no clue that they actually sale amine DRM Free! Knowing that, they have my full support now. The only one neg there is, is that they don't sub the op/end of an episode.
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  6. Hikaru

    Hikaru Registered Member

    Crunchyroll was cool back when I actually went there. Then they decided to go like hardcore legit and all the animes I was watching just vanished. Wasn't worth going there anymore, since the community wasn't really all that great either. Maybe they've gotten most of the anime back up by now though, I dunno.
  7. Kanji

    Kanji Registered Member

    nope most of it is still gone. I really like the community there though which is why I have an account there.

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