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cruise ship worker faces sex abuse charges


Free Spirit
Staff member
One of Royal Caribbean’s employees has been indicted on charges of raping a 14-year-old girl while she was on vacation with her family. Read More Here
Here's another crime committed on a cruise ship line while in international waters. This wasn't the only one as you will see in this article. They say there is no federal law for statutory rape on the high seas so how will they handle this? I don't think I would ever take a cruise, I wouldn't feel safe, would you?


rainbow 11!
OMG! That is horrible. That's really going to hurt Royal Caribbean as well, since they are supposedly better than Carnival. but with this kind of news? I wouldn't be surprised if people read this and used Carnival. I feel really bad for the girl. I can't imagine the kind of trauma she went through and how she must be feeling.


Registered Member
The girls fathers should have thrown these guys overboard.

Problem solved.


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I hope this serves as an impetus to encourage more international protection. If nothing else, they should be able to treat it similar to international flights, where TSA regulations still apply.


Haters gonna hate.
That is sad, and yes, I agree that the same deal with TSA-like standards should be put on US-owned cruiselines. I hate to hear of things like this, especially in an almost insane situation such as on a cruise line with her family... but it happened.

Sex abuse is a hot button topic, and with more publicity about it, stories like this will continue to come out.


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What? They think statutory rape only happens on land?
Cruise ships are as large as small towns. They should have police to watch for and arrest criminals on board.
If it was somebody I knew... what SS said.