Cruise Ship Sinks in Antarctica

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Hi_Im_Tim, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Hi_Im_Tim

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  2. Mirage

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    I saw this a few days ago. At that point they weren't sure if the ship would make it or not. Looks like it didn't make it. Hopefully they had a nice insurance plan. Those things have got to be very expensive.

    Luckily everybody made it out alive. Unlike the Titanic, this ship had enough lifeboats.
  3. Dragon

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    I'm glad that there were no casualties and that everyone survived. They said that no one panicked and if I was on that boat, I would be panicking. I wonder what they did to pass the time on the lifeboats. The reports said that they were on the lifeboats for 6 hours. They were probably trying to keep each other warm.
  4. Van

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    I think they were probably busy trying to stay warm on the life boats.

    The ship wasn't as big as some of the other larger cruise ships though. Not all that many people like to take their cruises up there. I'd prefer a cruise with lots of sunny days and lots of sandy beaches.

    It's good that nobody died though. Usually there are some casualties.
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  5. Hi_Im_Tim

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    There were only 154 people on board so of course they had enough life boats.
  6. dmny500

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    Well it's always bad to hear about a ship going down, I'm just glad nobody died which is rare. I guess they got a little smarter since the titanic.
  7. Van

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    Some of the lifeboats that they use now are actually made to be unsinkable. Of course many ships still have older models. I'd prefer the new kind if a boat I was on sank.
  8. Major

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    I'm pretty sure they're required to have enough lifeboats for everybody on board now.
  9. Mr_Snipes

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    All ships sailing in international waters are required to have enough lifeboats on board for the number of people on them. I don' know what the rules are in other countries territorial waters, but I do believe that all ships must have enough if they are going to be sailing through international waters.
  10. Doc

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    I'm glad that everyone got away safe, even if a multi-million dollar ship was lost. I'll bet they will be re-thinking their stance on life, eh?

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