Cruel Look into my life


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I been thinking and i had many people even tell me that i should write a book

I'll keep it simple, but this is alittle about me (the reason i put it in serious discussion is i dont want no beating around the bush)
Well i come from a lower middle class family, I'm the youngest of three, i have two sisters who are totally different, I grew up neglected and abused,
my friend almost killed me when i was 7yrs old by drowning me, about the age 12 my parents swore never to beat us but yet i was still getting the blunt of the blade, since when my sisters got in trouble they would only be grounded... if i got in trouble i would have to stare into a corner for hours.. i seen more child services in my life then cops... i always lied to them cause i was afraid to get my parents in trouble, at the age of 11yr i went through depression not letting anyone know and the depression lasted till i was late 15 i started to do drugs when i was 13yr, no peer pressure bullshit i was self soothing, i first started out doing cold medicine then i when to alcohol then pot then lsd then ecstasy then to acid then to coke and then to speed (meth)

when i hit 16 my family became dead to me and i withdrew myself from my family, i also quit all the drugs i was using, but i started to smoke packs of cigs a day

I joined the army to get away from my family.. to tell you the truth, i was planning on joining and never talking to them again, but i couldnt handle the stress that was on my shoulders and with insomnia and night terrors it was hard to stay in the army so i went AWOL 3 times

1st time i went to the store about a mile and a half away from my plt's building, i went bought food and pack of cigs, only to turn myself in. i was awol for 6 hours

2nd time stupidly i went the same way and got stopped by 3 of my drill sgts i ran but lost my footing and fell

3rd time i was on los (line of sight) and i had a guard with me at all times,
well this guard was pissing me off, so i elbow'd him in the face and took off down stairs he ran after me only to trip and fall down the stairs i took off running down the street, far behind me my guard was yelling "AWOL we got a guy going awol!" i ran kept running, suddenly i had my company commander, First sgt. 4 drill sgts chasing me then i heard " Chad stop" so i stopped... my company commander gave me a order and i obey'd i mean i knew i wasnt going to get away either way... then just across the grass field my drill sgts stop and hop out of the car. i was dragged by my drill sgt while being yelled at by the first sgt, i was dragged all the back to the building then was dragged to chow, at the whole time my drill sgt is yelling at me so i get to chow and my drill sgt makes me go to the front of the line, then i had to sit across from him, few secs later the 1st sgt walks into the chow hall and says "Brigade commander wants to see him" so i was then walked to the build (wasnt dragged this time but my drill sgt keep wanting me to run so he could tackle me)

any way fast forward, i got out of the army and went back to florida,
Pissed because i didnt want to be with my mom or any one of the family members

I told my mom to her face that i didnt want anything to do with her or my sisters

i then drove up to Ohio and was then forced to come back down to florida


I seen cops come to my house atlest 1-2 times a month
rather it be my parents fighting or me or my sisters fighting our dad

one event out of all the events opened my eyes and filled my heart with hate

Me and my father got into a agruement...
Nothing different since we argue everyday almost, he got up in my face and i told him to back the fuck up. and he straight up punched me, we go into a fight , fast foward the cops pull up and my mom seeing and knowing what went on took my dad's side and lied
put everything against me and told the cops i needed help.....

That day my mom my dad died in my eyes

I never loved or even liked my sisters, because i was neglected and my sisters were given everything well i stood in the rain

the middle child, steph was given everything... my dad loveddddd her and hated me, i knew because he always seemed more pissed off just looking at me and by the way he'd talk to me

I suffered/suffering from insomnia, depression, paranoia, muscle twitching, black outs, night terror, mood swings, hallucinations, ect..


theres alot more to my life its just a rough draft, sorry if its sloppy

Im planning on making book about my life
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No offence, but that won't sell.

But umm. Fix your spelling dude
lol you'd be surprised , and its not for the money, its just a way to help me in a personal note, yeah the spelling is jacked up but im still have loads to add and im going to pay for a editor to fix it up to


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No offence, but that won't sell.

But umm. Fix your spelling dude
It always amazed me how you have the emotional span of a soda can Alex.

All I can say Chad is damn. You need some closure with your family and you need to get away and start your life new. You know, get a fresh start and do your best to be "reborn" so to say.


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Cons, don't you have anything better to do than state the obvious everywhere you go? :p


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I'll adopt you, Chad.
You want to adopt a 17yr? :lol:

All I can say Chad is damn. You need some closure with your family and you need to get away and start your life new. You know, get a fresh start and do your best to be "reborn" so to say.
Thats it though all the money i had put aside for my new start (money from being in the military) was handed out, i gave my family more than 800$ in total when i only had 1,000... though i dislike my family it wont stop me from helping them in there time of need but i will say i will always look down upon my family is discus and rage


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Publishing an auto-biography is nice I guess, but a novel about the issues you had probably won't sell very well unless you're famous and people already want to know about your childhood/what you went through in your past. And beyond that, a book based on pure despair and such won't sell very well because most people don't like reading depressing books unless it's written extremely well and can connect with the reader. Which in your offense, but it seems like you don't yet have the writing skills to accomplish that feat. Other than that, people have had it worse than you, and those people don't care to hear your sob stories, dude.

My advice if you're actually seriously planning to write it: Get grammar, spelling, and creative writing lessons. You need to improve your spelling and grammar drastically from what I can see if you're planning to write a novel, and creative writing classes will help you write your story in at least a relatively interesting way. Good luck, I guess.