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Movies Crowe vs Washington vs DiCaprio vs Damon

Your Favourite?

  • Russell Crowe

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Registered Member
4 Top actors.

To me they seem like four that may be hard to decide amongst, especially when considering films they've been in together, such as Virtuosity, Body of Lies, American Gangster and of course The Departed.

Who do you rate above the other three as your favourite?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Crowe is the worst on that list.

I like Damon, too, I really do. His recent role in True Grit was, honestly, not very good. He just doesn't have the chops to pull off a cowboy.

Denzel. I love this guy but he always seems to play the same character in different movies more often than I'd like.

I think Leo takes the best variety of roles and nails damn near every part. My opinion of him changed drastically with Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York, and the amazing Inception.


still nobody's bitch
I went with Denzel. It was a tough call between him and Leo and Matt Damon, but he's been around longer and shown a lot more diversity over the years. Russell Crowe does not belong on that list as he is fairly one-dimensional.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite of those four, and maybe my favorite actor period. He's shown the ability to play such a huge variety of roles, and it helps that he's been in some of my favorite movies.

I'd rank them like this: DiCaprio > Damon > Washington > Crowe. Damon and Denzel are close and I could have reversed them. Crowe isn't quite on the same level for me.


Sally Twit
Leo is one of the best actors to have ever blessed our screens. He is amazingly talented and can portray any role exceptionally well. Even from a young age he was very impressive. If you've seen 'This Boy's Life' or 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' then you should know exactly what I am talking about.

I love so many of his films.. Inception, Shutter Island, Romeo and Juliet, The Beach, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed.. I mean the list goes on. I think we have many, many more years of his amazing work and I am sure his day will come where he wins an Oscar as it is long overdue. I can't believe he's only ever been nominated for three!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
All these four actors are great, but most of the active members here know I have a man-crush on DiCaprio so he's my pick. The guy is tremendous on the big screen, and it doesn't matter which type of role he portrays. He's arguably the best actor in this generation in my opinion, I know one can make arguments for Tom Hanks, but I believe Leonardo is better.

One thing that he has on his side is that he looks so young, so he can play a very young character or an old one too.

He's made some great films, some of my favorites are:

-Blood Diamond
-Catch if you Can
-The Beach
-Man in the Iron Mask

I still haven't seen Inception or Departed yet.

He's also going to portray J. Edgar Hoover in a movie which I believe is going to be great.


Registered Member
I like Crowe, I found his work in The Insider, L.A Confidential, Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Romper Stomper and Virtuosity to be pretty good, in the very least he was entertaining.
Although, saying that I prefer Denzel Washington over them all, he's consistently excellent in pretty much everything I've seen him in.


Embrace the Suck
I like all four actors. A couple of years ago I probably would have said Denzel was my favorite actor. I've come to appreciate DiCaprio more and more though. I think the guy is amazing. I would have to say he is now the best actor in Hollywood.


Registered Member
I like all four. If I had to pick one, I think I'd say DiCaprio.

I think if Ledger hadn't died, he probably would have been at the top of this list in a few years.


This was tough, it came down to Washington & DiCaprio. Crowe & Damon shouldn't be on this poll with them.

I compared my favorite movies from each.


Training Day
Man On Fire
The Book of Eli
American Gangster
Déjà Vu


The Departed
Blood Diamond
Shutter Island
The Aviator

Two of DiCaprio's movies make my top 10, same with Washington. They also both have one movie that makes my top 3.

But I have to go with DiCaprio. How can you vote against The Departed & Inception? :lol: