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Crossing Over


Registered Member
Having watched a number of psychics and others with the alleged ability to speak to the dead, I have seen some fascinating parallels.
The dead appear to be stuck in this realm because of some misfortune, violent death or some unfinished business.
They seem to stay in a particular area and either are benign or malevolent. Documentaries Like Haunted Houses and Unsolved Mysteries add to the speculation.

I find it strange that they are able to manifest themselves in the physical but tell the person what they want or why they are here.
TV programs like The Ghost Whisperer give the viewer the idea that the dead are easily able to communicate but it just takes someone with a tuned ear to hear.
Surely if a psychic is on hand to determine the reason for a haunting, the spirits would do all in their power to use the open channel?

The living on the other hand want to contact the dead and tell them something or inquire about their happiness. This is very evident in the program hosted by John Edwards.
My observations of this program have yet to reveal anybody hearing that the 'crossed over' one is unhappy.
Is it because they are happy or is it because the conduit is editing out the info?


The Hierophant
I'm extremely skeptical about shows that claim to talk to spirits. I completely believe in spirits both lingering and moved on, but people like John Edwards, I don't believe are actually talking to anyone. They're just making such broad observations that it can apply to just about any situation. I haven't seen much of his show, but everything that I've seen hasn't ever given specific things that only the deceased and the living relative would know.

That aside, I'm tempted to believe that there are some out there that can contact spirits in a seance or something, but unless the spirit is specifically coming to you, I don't know how well it would work out to just go somewhere to talk to them. And I think that almost all the "psychics" that have a tv show are doing it for the money. I don't believe in any of them, regardless.

All of that aside, my older brother was a fraternal twin and his sister died. He has a line of communication with her that you simply cannot deny. So I'm not all against the idea of talking to spirits, I just think that most of the people that claim to, are full of shit.


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Yeah, I'm also skeptical about people that do it for money with their own shows. I do believe in psychic stuff, the girl at the new age shop around here offered to teach me the tarot for free. She used to do readings for free also but the owner caught her and now she has to charge. There is also a psychic in the area I think is legit but I don't like her. While the reading was cheap she tried to get my sister to pay $50 for dead sea salt to do a cleansing. You can get that much cheaper and don't need dead sea salt.