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Crocodile Hunter Dies


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OH MAN! That is really sad. :(

Man man man.. That really is horrible news. I was a big fan of that show. I always was worried about things like this happening.

This is just shocking and very sad. :(

My prayers go out to his family. He had a wife and I believe a 2 year old child that he will leave behind. :(


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he also had an 8 year old daughter. this is really horrible. I loved watching him and my daughter has his Wiggle Safari that he did with the Wiggles. She watches that all the time. I just can't even believe this news :shake: His death will be hard on alot of people. His wife was from my area too. my prayers are definitely with the family


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I'm surprised he didn't have thicker scuba gear. I mean.. he obviously knows there are going to be stingrays in the water.. He's only doing a documentary on them.

This just proves that he was more hardcore than I thought he was. I always thought he took all the necessary precautions but somehow this stingray got past him. It's a real shame. I just hope the video footage isn't released for his family's sake.


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He was doing a documentary on the deadliest creatures of the Barrier Reef. They believe that the reason he was killed by the stingray is because the stingray's tailbarb punctured his heart.

He will be missed. I really liked his shows. I feel sad for his wife, 8 year old daughter and almost 3 year old son.

It is one of the things that you just can't plan for. He is very cautious because he knows how dangerous they are, but got just a little bit too close.


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When I first watched his show, I was like is this guy crazy? He is the one who made learning fun and enjoyed watching his movie Collision Course.

I also hope the footage doesn't air and hope the tape gets destroyed so that it doesn't circulate around the internet.

His son looks just like him and I wonder if his mom will let him follow in his dad's foostep.

Thoughts and prayers are with his wife and kids and the austrailian zoo crew.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh wow I can't believe that he is dead. :shake: I wasn't a fan of his show but I liked how he made it cool to be a zoologist and a reptile geek.
Wherever you are Steve you will be missed.

I got to meet him when Todd Toys made his action figure line. He was a nice guy. :nod:

At least he went doing what he loved, and he went with his boots on.

It's better to burn out than to fade away..

On a good/sad note if you have any of his "Crock Hunter" toys then they will be worth serious money now that he is gone.


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Here's another article on Yahoo:

Stingray kills 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin - Yahoo! News

It says that being stung by a stingray is almost never fatal, and he died only because it pierced him under the rib cage and into his heart.

Animal Planet is going to be airing a memorial program tonight at 6:00 PM ET. I am going to try to watch it.

He had just finished voicing an elephant in the new Warner Brothers computer animated kids movie "Happy Feet." The movie stars Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman as well. I wonder if they will leave Steve Irwin's voice in the movie or if they will replace it with someone else's? I guess it will be up to his family. The movie was due out November 17th this year. A lot of people might find it weird leaving him in it, but that happens all the time with movies unfortunately.

Happy Feet

And here's an interesting quote taken from his trivia page:

"He tells his camera crew to always be filming. If he needs help, he will ask for it. Even if he is eaten by a shark or croc, the main thing he wants is that it be filmed. If he died, he would be sad if no one got it on tape."
And an interesting personal quote:

If something ever happens to me, people are gonna be like 'we knew a croc would get him!'