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Can you crochet or knit? This is probably more geared for the ladies, but some men do these things! My Mother taught me how to do both. I prefer crocheting, it's much easier and the two big bulky knitting needles give me problems that slow me down, so I like crocheting better, smaller needle, I can go faster :)
So I decided to crochet some blankets, some call them afghans. Not that I don't have enough, my Mother crocheted several just for the hell of it, making her own patterns. They are so pretty and I have 8 of them here at my home now. But I thought it would be nice if I actually tried to make a complete blanket myself. I have tried in the past, but they never got completed because either I ran out of yarn and can't find the same color or I get bored because I can't sit still for long periods at a time, unless I have to.
So I have 3 of them started right now. All 3 are different patterns and colors. I just switch back and forth between them to give myself a break from looking at the same yarn all the time. My hope is to make one for each of my children, and give it to them before I die, so they will have something personally hand made by me :) A keepsake, you could say.
Then, if I get my ass going and make great progress, I'm going to try and get one finished for each of my grandchildren. But that might be pushing it. I know I can at least give each of my children one.
Does anyone like to crochet? Ladies? Does anyone know how? Or even know what the hell I'm talking about? :lol:


Crocheting Tiger Knitting Dragon!

In answer to your question nah, I've never done any crocheting and have no desire too. When I was younger I did know how to knit but I don't know how to anymore. I think knitting was cool, sort of relaxing, I wish I could learn again.
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Crocheting is sort of relaxing, I mean, my mind is on the yarn and needle and making sure not to miss a stitch *ha*. But I can only sit there for so long and then move on to another something for awhile, then I will go back and crochet some more.
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