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Movies Criteria to see a movie in the theaters?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I've noticed that a lot of people here rather wait for the DVD to come out instead of going to the movie theater. Now this thread isn't about discussing why you do that.

I'm just wondering what are your criteria's for a new movie that comes out, meaning how do you choose if you wait for it to come out on DVD or go see it right away?


I'm serious
I would say if it is "epic" looking, I have to see it at the cinema's. If that makes sense. For example Avatar and soon to come will be "The last Airbender". If I see the trailer and it looks like there will be great cinematography in the movie, I make the effort to go to the movies.

Movies like Marley and Me, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the like, hardly needs a cinema screen to get the story!


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, I go to movies based on personal interest. $7 for a movie ticket here on avg., that's kinda rough.

It really depends on the genre for me, I rather wait to see comedies when they hit DVD because to me, comedies are more worthy of purchasing on DVD as they offer up a higher replay count. Movies that are visually stunning or with explosive action I favor to see in theaters.

Overall, it depends on what my friends want to see. I don't care how lonely and pathetic I am, I don't go to the theater alone. I believe the last movie I watched in theaters was Zombieland because I had three friends that wanted to go. Before that was the latest installment of Indiana Jones, which was terrible but I went based on personal interest and stunning visuals that might be better to witness in a theater environment. And before that was Rambo which was PWN.

Anyways, you get the idea.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I only see movies in the theaters if they look epic and I think the big screen will enhance the experience. I don't go very often since it's so expensive. I think the last two movies I saw in the theater were Avatar and The Dark Knight.


yellow 4!
I go see a movie based purely on a) an interesting storyline, or b) whatever my friends want to see.

My friends don't like the same films as me though so I usually try to duck out of going in order to not waste the money. It's like 10 bucks here.

Anyway, yeah, interesting storyline. I don't wait for any movies to come out on DVD, because if I'm going to buy a DVD then it's most likely a really old film that hasn't been shown at the cinema in my time. Unless it's action. I have a lot of 'recent' action films and tend to not go see them at the cinema.


Well-Known Member
If I like the look of the trailer, or i've heard good things about it, then i'll go see it in theatres if I have the money at the time. If not i'll wait to hire the dvd. Considering I can get into a movie for $11 and to hire a new dvd is $8, there really isn't much difference and it looks so much better on the big screen.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I admit I don't go to the threate that much anymore. I think the last two I actually went too were Dark Knight and Avatar too haha. I know I saw the Harold and Kumar also...and 300. That's about it in the past couple years.

Its not that the price is high because I can afford it but its just not something my friends and I do that much anymore. As I'm typing I did see Terminator and Wolverine...so eh, not bad.

I think it just depends. Just personal likeness.


I'm serious
Wow. Reading all the posts I just realised I really should go to the theatres more often. Movies at the cinema here costs about the equevalent of USD3 and a DVD is about USD2. Money is really not my excuse for not seeing something at the theatres. It's just that not all movies look like they are worth the effort.

Another thing that contributes to the fact that less people are going to see movies at the theatre is technology. Big flat screens with surround sound and high devinition in the comfort of your own home almost beats the effort of going out for a movie!!!


A Darker Knight
All I need is the mood to go to the movies and a movie I think I will enjoy. It doesn't matter what kind.

I guess a movie I haven't already watched online would help too.


Registered Member
Criteria for waiting: if it's a movie, I wait. lol

It has been rare that I've seen a movie in theaters. I believe the last one I saw in the theater was when the "new" Superman movie came out and that's because I LOVE Superman!!!!