Criss Angel, David Blaine, David Copperfield, etc


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They are okay, I really dislike Criss Angel though. Especially that video that you posted of him pulling the woman apart, it is so stupid, lol. I used to pay some attention to David Blaine though as some of the things he did were crazy.


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Man that video with criss angel being cut in half by the saw is so weird, how did he do that? He's exposed the entire time so you know he didn't cheat.

!!! :rant:


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I am really sceptical of Criss Angel, the audiences and witnesses are always very plastic giving the impression of it ALL being staged, I am also wary of the no special effects disclaimer. Everything clicks together too nicely, it is obviously an illusion so why try and cover it up so much with bad stooges and I will only do it live spiel. He is a good illusionist its just his execution is terrible.

Copperfield put on a show and was entertaining to watch, Angel just grates me. Compare the Deathsaw trick they both do (Copperfield did long before Angel), Copperfield is theatrical, you know what is going to happen, he builds it up and then when he cuts himself in half you are impressed, the crowd applauds him and they are all full of oooohs and wows.
When Angel does the trick he is all like look how cool I am I can do this! ....and then the audience all screams hysterically and is all omg wtf! Sorry but what did they expect? illusionist + table + big saw = person in half. It annoys me and ruins the magic of the trick.

Do you get Derren Brown shows on the Americas side of the Atlantic? (youtube him!)


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Criss Angel has an ego the size of an earthquake which really turns me off. With him it's more about; "See how cool I am?" than really giving a performance. He strikes me as an attention whore and people that needy for attention just get on my nerve.

I much prefer David Blaine. I love how he does his tricks/illusions right on the street with a crowd of strangers surrounding him and he blows their mind every time.


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They got chris angle on tv over here at the moment, and i have been watching it, and sum of the stuff he dose is pretty out there, but u are right in saying he has a big ego, and dose the hole " im so cool " act

David Blaine. seen alot of his stuff years ago, and hes cool. i enjoyed him.

David Blaine Street park 3

Just a funny clip to go in here aswell :p