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Creed II


Registered Member

Son of Creed vs. Son of Drago!

I’d be lying if I said wasn’t looking forward to this.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I’m a massive Rocky fan. This one looks amazing. I have seen Rocky IV close to 100 times, so to have Ivan Drago, and now his son in this movie has me really excited. I’ll be at the theatres when comes out.


not a plastic bag
I haven't read anything about this and I'm going to try and not read anything until I see it but I wonder/suspect that:
======Not really a spoiler below=======
Rocky dies of cancer and this is the final movie in the franchise. I love the franchise. My personal favorite is Rocky III. I think Adonis defeating Drago would be the perfect, most satisfying ending to the story. If anybody has any knowledge of this one way or another, please for my sake use the spoiler tag.


Son of Liberty
I can’t wait to see this movie. I love the Rocky franchise. I was a little skeptical when Creed came out, but it was awesome. This one will me as well.


not a plastic bag
Finally took some time to see Creed 2 over the break. I loved it. It stuck in my mind long after seeing it. I didn't expect to see a movie about parent/child relationships wrapped in a boxing movie. Personally I thought 2 was better than the first, which I really liked also. It makes Rocky 4, Creed and Creed 2 the perfect trilogy.


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Captain Obvious, I was a little skeptical when Creed came out as well. However, I also enjoyed watching it like you did.

Hence, I'm thinking that Creed 2 will likely be good as well (or at least I'm hoping it will be).