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Discuss Credit Card Fraud

Have you been a victim of credit card fraud?

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Secret Agent
Staff member
Credit card fraud seems to be all the rage these days. Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated. I heard recently about devices people will attach to gas station pump card readers which allow them to steal credit card numbers when you swipe your card.

Have you ever been a victim of credit card fraud? What kind of items were purchased on your card, and were you able to get your money back through your card provider?

Do you worry about the new portable credit card readers that everybody is using with their smart phones? I realize the card information is sent securely, and that it's not saved on the person's phone, but even so, with every new piece of technology comes a new way to potentially commit fraud.


rainbow 11!
this is weird. I had a guy commit fraud at work today and I stopped another guy from doing it.

he bought an ipad mini. no big deal. first card was declined... then he tries another and it worked. then he wants a go pro on a separate transaction.

I knew what he was doing then. he buys the go pro but the first card was declined and then the second went through.

less than five minutes later a dude walks up and wants two ipad minis. I had to get them from the back so when I left him, I called security and they watched him. he ended up leaving because he realized we were on to him


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've never been a victim of credit card fraud but another thing you have to watch for is people behind you in line taking a picture of your card number when you think they are just talking on the phone. That's why some stores won't allow you to use your phone while in line.


Son of Liberty
My sister was a victim of identity theft which included using her credit cards. In the end she didn't have to pay for all the stuff that was bought in her name but it was a nightmare to go through. There are kinds of ways of getting that information and we have to be very careful about using our credit.


It's not me, it's you.
This is why I wish people would ask for ID when people use credit cards. My credit card specifically says check ID on the back, but no one does. I blame the people that get pissed when cashiers ask for ID. It's for your protection, assholes.

To answer the OP, no, I have not been a victim. Knocking on wood...


Hopeless musician
About 2 years ago, I was a victim of credit card fraud 3 times in about the span of 5 months. I had no idea how it came about until I realized I was using iTunes on my phone on an unprotected wifi network at Starbucks, and I had made the mistake of saving my credit card information in the system. After the third time, I finally got the message and removed all of my information, and I typically use my 3G connection at places with free-to-use hotspots. I got all of my money back each time, but it was a pain the ass to call up the bank and report it. I haven't been a victim since, mostly because I've been very vigilant with my credit card information and my online purchases. I also check my bank account online frequently (I have email notices for fraud set up also).


I'm serious
Yes, sadly, I have been a victim of credit card fraud. I suspect they swiped and duplicated my card details at a coffee shop I frequent, as that was the only place I could remember at the time where the card wasn't in my sight at all times. I am much more careful with that now.

I found out about it when someone bought $2000 worth of furniture on my card. I nearly had heart failure. I was able to get the money back from the bank, but it was not easy. A ton of paperwork and report and whatnot.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've never been the victim of credit card fraud but my grandmother has been. Someone in my local area was using a scanner to steal CC numbers as they were being scanned in stores. They would then use the number to make online purchases. Luckily the bank caught the problem long before the charge even hit and a new card with a new number was issued immediately.