Credit Card Craziness?


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I recently heard a statistic that people with a debit or credit card spend on average 15% more than those who pay in cash. Does anybody attest to this being true? I don't have one, so I can't really go either way.


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probably is true. I'd spend $20 with my debit card before I would spend the $20 in my wallet. Comes out of the same account. :shrug:


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If I can't pay in cash then i don't need it.

I have no credit cards and never will. I do have a debit card but I would rather pay cash. Keeps me honest and from spending to much.

I wouldn't have one of those evil plastic things. All they do is get you into trouble and ruin your credit.

I think alot of people out there need to learn the value of money and how to spend it wisely. Credit card are no good in my book. But that's me.

My wife has an emergency card that she uses once a year for 1.00 so she can keep the card just incase something happens when she is out or at work.

She has had the card for 10 yrs and has never used it. (Knock on wood)

I think people need to think before they use the cards, then they wouldn't get into so much Debt with them.

And I also think the rates need to be regulated better. Too much interest gouging on the behalf of the credit card companies. They need to be regulated more closely.

So all in all I say Plastic bad, cash good!

But in todays cashless society the plastic is the norm...But since when have I ever conformed to the norm....


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I wouldn't be surprised. I think the mentality of some people is that plastic isn't the same as cash, which of course is faulty.

But I'd imagine because people can't actually see their money being spent, that they feel safe spending more of it.


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Probably true. I did spend less when I had no credit card and debit card. But I also had less money too.

Also Credit cards are good if you pay them off after getting the bill so their is no interest.

You are using someone else's money and they dont collect till the end of the month. As long as you pay back the person the same amount of money no interest in accrued. And since the value of a dollar today is more valuable than the dollar of tomorrow (Present Value of money principle) theoretically what you pay them back is less than what you borrowed.

Credit Cards can be your best friend if used correctly. Which most people do not.