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Credit Card Checks


Registered Member
Have you ever used the checks that sometimes come with your credit cards?

I believe you'd write them out like a normal check, and the amount will be added to your credit card account.

Obviously, the downside of these would be that using them increases credit card debt.


Registered Member
I've used the reduced rate balance transfer checks that come in. The interest savings can definitely be worth it.


Registered Member
I get them sent to me from time to time, but so far I've never used them. Plus I shred them because they have my information on them.

That's probably a good idea if you don't plan to use them.


Secret Agent
Staff member
Yeah I don't like these either. They actually count as "quasi-cash" which is almost always given a higher interest rate as well. I would definitely not recommend using them.

I don't really recommend using credit cards in the first place though unless you absolutely have to. Buying a big screen tv is not a good use of a credit card if you ask me.