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Creative companies staying in business during Coronavirus


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Coronavirus has caused many companies to temporarily halt operations, but some creative companies have managed to keep things going, even if that means a major pivot.

I've seen breweries shift to making hand sanitizer, restaurants shift to delivery only, brick and mortar shops like arcades, laser tag, etc. pushing gift cards.

What are some of the companies in your backyard doing to stay relevant during the mandatory shutdowns? What's the most creative way you've seen a company keep its doors open during Coronavirus?


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Book shops are closed since mid March. Our local bookshop (not franchise) decided to open orders by phone or email (they didn't have that before) and either offer delivery for a fee or have a pick-up schedule at a supermarket nearby - because supermarkets are allowed to be open. Same for restaurants that don't usually offer delivery service, they offer them now.

I also know some unemployed who suddenly posts "I'll do groceries for you for a fee" and suddenly he has a big clientele. Probably limited now because they have limited shopping to 1 km away (with the permits).


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It's been interesting to watch to say the least. Lots of people are working from home now and for many it hasn't impacted them at all. Heck, I know some people that are working better than ever now that they get to be in their basement rather than in their cube at work.

The most interesting business that's still open in my mind is Best Buy. You can still shop at places like Wal Mart and Target for most things you could get at Best Buy and yet Best Buy is semi-closed. You can still do an order pickup at the store. They will literally run it out to your car for you. Yesterday, when I was there, they had set up a drive thru of sorts in front of the building. It looked hilarious but they told me it was working well.