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I've had the idea of making a video game for a while. It's what I want to major in (Video Game Design), it's what i want to work in, etc.

So I've started the written work on my own game. I want it to be a sandbox game, sort of a cross between Oblivion and Assassin's Creed. I've written the introduction, and the button controls.

You hear deep breathing and someone being dragged, and have blurred visions of moving towards a doorway of dim light. You look to the left and right and see two guards, holding you by the arms, dragging you forward. You enter the light and get tossed into a chair. You look up and see the smaller of the two guards pouring water down your throat, which clears up your vision slowly. The bigger of the two walks over to the other side of the room and back. He places an iron helmet on your head and iron greaves around your wrists. The smaller guard leans down to your level and says “What is your name, prisoner?” (CHARACTER CREATION). “Hmpph. Weird name..” This guard stands you up and pushes you towards the other side of the room, as the other asks “If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re going into the Stadium. Do you want a club?” (CHOOSE ‘Yes, I’m a warrior’ OR ‘No, I’m a mage’. CHOICE OF MAGE - YOU LEARN ONE OF THREE SPELLS - Weak Fireball, Lightning Bolt, OR Icicle.) “Alright.” (HANDS CLUB OR DOESN’T). “Hopefully we won’t be bringing you back in here in pieces.” They toss you into another hallway and laugh. You here the door close and lock behind you. You walk forward as a man speaks. “Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a fantastic show for you today! Four prisoners fighting for their freedom! *Cheers* Yes, much gore for you to bet on. Ahh, and I think i see our last prisoner entering the Stadium!” At this point you have made it to the end of the hall, the Stadium opens up in front of you, you see cheering fans and, as you look around, the other prisoners, one with a club, one with a bow, one rubbing his hands together. (PLAYER CAN LOOK AROUND) The announcer continues talking. “Prisoners, this match will grant you freedom if you are the last to survive. Feel free to take the armor and weapons from your opponents after the match if you’ve defeated them. Now… Prisoners, FIGHT!” (PLAYER NOW ABLE TO MOVE.)

and Controls
Left Trigger (Tap) - Left Punch/Sword/Spell
Left Trigger (Tap x2) - Left Elbow
Left Trigger (Hold) - Left Grab
Left Trigger (Tap while sprinting) - Push Away left arm

Right Trigger (Tap) - Right Punch/Sword/Spell
Right Trigger (Tap x2) - Right Elbow
Right Trigger (Hold) - Right Grab
Right Trigger (Tap while sprinting) - Push away right arm

Both (Tap) - Block
Both (Hold) - Defense


Left Bumper (Tap) - Left Kick
Left Bumper (Tap x2) - Left Knee
Left Bumper (Hold) - Roll To Left
Left Bumper (Tap [x2] while sprinting) - Stronger Kick [Knee]

Right Bumper (Tap) - Right Kick
Right Bumper (Tap x2) - Right Knee
Right Bumper (Hold) - Roll to Right
Right Bumper (Tap [x2] while sprinting) - Stronger Kick [Knee]


Left - Move Forward, Strafe
Left (Pushed in, forward) - Sprint

Right - Move camera

Analog - Choose Hot-keyed Items


A - Action
B - Crouch
X - Put away Weapon
Y - Jump

Anyone who wants to critique this, or give me any kind of help is welcome to.


I can only find a small criticism really, and that is that the controls, whilst they are good, would probably take too long to learn properly without resorting to button-mashing techniques. Other than that, a very good start!


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Thats pretty cool. I would not worry about minor technicalities like key commands at such an early stage. Even the storyline details are not that important yet.

First you need a structure, go to any design house and you will always see two things on the wall; An idea cloud and a flow chart.

The Idea Cloud is the idea generation, it should be a page of what the game encompasses, this guves everyone working on the project a visualisation and also ensures that in time you dont have variations or discrepencies. Reading your game description other than a similarity with Assassins creed/Oblivion I have not got a clue what the game is about, what time period, what genre, target audience, style, originality, period, concept, etc...... Take Assassins Creed as an example, the bubble chart for that would have a big list of things like; Action/adventure, 3rd person, dual story, sci/fi, Medieval, Crusading Knights etc... Setting = Middle East, holy land, 12th century, scenic etc... Character= loner, assassin, versatile, athletic etc... You should basically end up with a piece of paper with all these ideas on it that outline what the game is.

As you design your game you should have your senses tunes into this cloud and then any magazine articles, photos, films, stories, locations, ideas you take a copy and keep them in a scrapbook. This is element of research is so important to do and makes the rest of the game making easy.

I could not find one for a game but as an example the cloud below clearly represents a story and gives a visual imputus and setting. It could be the next Call of Duty almost;

The Flow Chart is the narrative, this is the bit you have already started.
Intro Scene > Character Name Input > Cinematic > Charcter Class > Cinematic > Choose weapon etc...... Obviously the flow chart has different branches depending on the choices made. Next to the flow chart you can write the storyline but the flow chart should act like a backbone leading the player through the game.

Next step is artistic direction, these basically involves getting the sketch pad out and doing some simple character designs and scenes. then give your story to the progammers, animators and graphic designers to turn in to a reality
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I can only find a small criticism really, and that is that the controls, whilst they are good, would probably take too long to learn properly without resorting to button-mashing techniques. Other than that, a very good start!
Yeah, I thought they were a little complicated.. I'm going to try to simplify them.

@ Bananas, Thanks x10 for the help, I'm going to get started on the cloud and flow chart soon.
I've slightly.. actually changed this drastically.

I want it to be a zombie survival game. Not like L4D, but a sandbox type game. Similar to Fallout.

I was bullshittin' around on /v/ (If you don't know, don't ask) and I came up with this..

It would be a Fallout type game, but in a city, and definitely less destruction. It would just look like a deserted city, maybe a little run down.

Ammo won't be in every few containers like Fallout, it'll be hard to come by. Every couple dozen houses may have a weapon, or ammo.

Zombies don't initially know where you are, as long as you are boarded up, not showing any light out of your house.

That's if you want a house. You can also explore, which would be harder, even if you have a companion (bots or online [must be same difficulty]). Up to 8 people can play together in online.

Working vehicles aren't hard to come by, but oil is very hard to find.

Tell me what you think.
More. These ideas just keep coming. It's ok if they keep merging with the before post, right?

Even more adding.

There would be no "Special zombies."

This is straight up, crowds of zombies that don't stop until you have defeated them for miles around.

There could be rural areas, for easier living, but harder to find supplies.

You wouldn't need food or sleep, though day and night do come.

I want to panic while playing this game. I want to be scared of the zombies I am fighting.

I also do want the zombies to look different. Different clothes, heights, weights, eye color, hair color, dismembered body parts.

The only way to kill them is to remove the head.

Heads lying on the ground can bite you in the ankle, infecting you. I want to see the torso of a zombie clawing it's way towards you. If that doesn't give you nightmares...

Once you are bitten, you must die or you will become a zombie. (This feature may be turned on and off, for difficulty reasons.)
Weapons that would be used in the game..

Lead Pipe
Police Baton



Throwing Stars/Knives
Hand bow

Sub-machine Gun

Assault Rifle

Bolt-/Lever-Action Rifle

Semi-Automatic Rifle



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Back in the day, when I was about 9 or 10, I use to draw little maps and shit all the time of towns.. and I always said how they should make a game where someone can run around into the stores and stuff, and steal and shit...


Grand Theft Auto.
So you have bascially done most of the major written work, but how are you going to put this in your game and how to code it?


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I need some help with the weapons that are going to be used. I need someone with some gun knowledge.

I need a list of popular sub-machine guns, assault rifles, bolt/lever-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Less than 10 of each gun would be fine. I've started the sub-machine gun list. There's only about six guns on it though.
So you have bascially done most of the major written work, but how are you going to put this in your game and how to code it?
I really have no idea yet. I'm hoping to go to school to learn about some graphics programs, some computer technology, etc.
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If you need any help I'm a 3d modeler, I've been wanting to work on a Zombie game =). If you have any instant messenger programs just let me know, or look me up on facebook. Timothy Braden Broskelisia.


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Submachine guns: P90
Scorpion (handheld)
Thompson M1921

Assault rifles: Steyer AUG
Beowolf .50 call

Bolt/Lever Action: Remington M700 .30-06
Winchester m1894 .30/30
Marlin M1894 in .357 magnum
Mosin Nagant m1941

Shotguns: Mossberg M500
Winchester m1896
Benelli M3

Semiautomatic rifles: ruger 10/22
Ruger Mini 14
Ruger Mini 16
Colt AR15
M1 Carbine
M1 garand

Pistols: S&W M686 7 Shot Distinguished Combat Magnum
Police .38 Special
Glock G17
Glock G18
Webley Fonsberry Automatic revolver

I tried to replace some of the more generic guns that are Already plastered everywhere like the M16, AK47, Desert Eagle, MP5 and Uzi, but you can add those back in if you want

Edit: Just remembered A few more
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