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The Super Pimp of GF
Ok the purpose of this is to basically make your own naruto style character you must include these criteria
Jutsu(s) (include special ones or if you want to be thorough then include all the ones they know)
Appearance; (What your character looks like you can include a pic if you want to but dont just grab a naruto character's picture and say that its like so and so with brown hair or something like that. You can use edit a character's pic but you cant just copy and past it)
Style of Fighting: (How does your character fight? Does he rely on jutsus or what?)

And any other things you can think of....... Mine will be up soon but I still have to make it


Name: Akiro Iruga Marusuke

Age: 14

Personality: Reflection of Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist

Weapons: Gyakuken Katana (Reverse-bladed sword), Gosuta-Shuriken (Five Star Shuriken), Tsuin-hana kunai o kusari (Twin Edge Kunai in Chain)


1) Chakra Kyuushuu
2) Chidori
3) Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu
4) Henge no Jutsu
5) Jyuken
6) Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
7) Kage Buyou
8 ) Kage Shuriken no Jutsu
9) Kawarimi no Jutsu
10) Kaze no Yaiba
11) Kirigakure no Jutsu
12) Kokuangyo no Jutsu
13) Konoha Senpuu
14) Kuchiyose no Jutsu
15) Mikazuki no Mai
16) Shihou Hapou Shuriken no Maki
17) Sabaku Kyuu
18) Sabaku SouSou
19) Shishi Rendan
20) Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu
21) Suiton Suijinheki
22) Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu
23) Suna Bunshin
24) Suna Shuriken
25) Tekken-fu
26) Ura Kyuken - Similar to the Ura Renge, but without using bondage. Instead, uses a Kyuken fist to slam the opponent back into the air after hitting the ground and them slamming them again into the ground.
27) Uzumaki Marusuke Bunshin
28) Uzumaki Marusuke Rendan
29) Uzumaki Marusuke Nisen Rendan
30) Zankuuha
31) Zankuukyokuha

32) Raikoubatsu Jutsu (Lighting Attack Skill - Bloodline Jutsu) - Summons a bolt of lightning from anywhere. (Requires Fogu o sutatikku chouyaku to be in place)

33) Kuroseishou no kouu (Black Energy Rain - Bloodline Jutsu) -Summons black rain from the skies which cripples anything it touches. (Requires Kumo o Yami to be in place)

34) Raikou Kowaku O Ken (Lighting Enchantment of Blades) - Enchants the element of lightning on any weapon he desires to use.

35) Santon Kowaku O Ken (Fire Enchantment of Blades) - Enchants the element of fire on any weapon he desires to use.

36) Sutatikku omoi-dokusha (Static Mind Reader) - Reads the minds of others by the static environment. (Requires Fogu o sutatikku chouyaku to be in place)

37) Arashi o honoo (Storm of Flames) - Launches huge balls of flames from the sky that bombard the ground and the enemy. (Requires Kumo o Yami to be in place)

38) Kumo o Yami - (Clouds in Darkness) (An extreme Blood line jutsu that was unknown about until Ura Renge was performed by a member of the Marusuke clan) (Requires the opening all Chakra Gates to be invoked)

39) Fogu o sutatikku chouyaku- (Fog of Static Bounds) (A modified blood line jutsu ability that can only be performed by a member of the Iruga Clan) While releasing tension from the Notorious blood line jutsu "Metsukioraikougan" one can create a cloud around them full of static electric currents. The fog disables anyone from using their vision, while the static currents are used to detect the exact location of an individual as fast as lightning to the user of this ability.

40) Metsukioraikougan - (Eyes of Lightning) That traditional blood line Jutsu of the Iruga Clan. And the most formidable and notorious. Similar to the Hyuga "Byakugan" and the Uchiha "Sharingan", the Metsukioraikougan creates a large pulse of lightning in the pupils of the users eyes, causing them to emit light. This light enables the user to see even in the darkest and foggest of environment and enables them to see through any form of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, like Sharingan. However, in addition it enables the user to see the exact weak points of the opponent, like Byakugan, but without the 360 field vision. The down side of this jutsu, is that it can cause temporary blindness when disabling it.

41) Marusuke Ryuodori (The Dragon Dance of the Marusuke Clan) - A taijutsu onslaught (like so may other Taijutsu abilities) which attacks the opponent completely in the air for over an hour until sending them deep in the Stratusphere and then back down to Earth.

42) Sunakyanseru no Jutsu (Sand cancel jutsu) - removes all sand in a four mile radius. (Gaara's worst nightmare)

43) Mizukyanseru no Jutsu (Water cancel jutsu) - removes all water in a four mile radius. (Haku and Zabuza's worst nightmare)

44) Kumokyanseru no Jutsu (Cloud cancel jutsu) - removes all clouds in a four mile radius. (A good counter to most of the Village hidden in the cloud forbidden Jutsu)

45) Kagekyanseru no Jutsu (Shadow cancel jutsu) - removes all shadows in a four mile radius (Shitamaru's worst nightmare)

46) Kikyanseru no Jutsu (Tree Cancel Jutsu) - Removes all trees in a four mile radius. (A shinobi's worst nightmare)

47) Genkyanseru no Jutsu (Illusion Cancel Jutsu) - Removes all illusion in a four mile radius, which even includes shadow clones. (A Genjutsu specialist's worst nightmare)

48) Hidenkyanseru no Jutsu (Blood Line Cancel Jutsu) - An extremely useful Forbidden Cancel Jutsu that disable anyone of using a Blood Line Jutsu of any kind. This is good for someone that doesn't rely on Blood Line Jutsu, like Akiro. But it also disables Akiro from using any Bloodline Jutsu.

49) Makyanseru no Jutsu (Demon Cancel Jutsu) - Another extremely useful Forbidden Cancel Jutsu that disables any Demon, even the Kyubi from attacking, making them vulnerable and utterly useless for whomever summoned them or transform into one. This technique was invented by Akiro.

50) Chakrakyanseru no Jutsu (Chakra Cancel Jutsu) - The most formidable of the Forbidden Cancel Jutsus, it removes everyone in a four mile radius the ability to use Chakra. The problem though is that oftenly the invoker of this Jutsu loses their ability to use chakra as well. Also the effect is only temporary, in terms of between 10 minutes to 2 hours. (The nightmare of any Ninja.)

(The kyanseru no Jutsu are a family jutsu taught to members of the Marusuke Clan and are immune to the harmful effects of opening up all chakra gates)

History: Akiro Iruga Marusuke is the offspring of two clans. The Iruga clan (His mother's clan) and the Marusuke clan (His father's clan). The Iruga clan is extremely notorious with their bloodline jutsu, the "Metsukioraikougan." And the Marusuke clan is notorious with their various "Forbidden Cancel Jutsus" and their hidden bloodline jutsu that is active when opening all Chakra Gates. Akiro's birth was a blessing and symbolic union between the two clans that had once been in near endless rivalry. However it was soon after that both of the Marusuke clan and the Iruga Clan would be slaughtered by the Akatsuki. Akiro was left all alone in the cruel world and vowwed to avenge his family and annihilate the Akatsuki and anyone else that dares to kill another living being without just cause.

Appearance: Wearing a typical Jounin of Village hidden in the leaves outfit.

Except with the symbols of the Hidden Village in the clouds.

He is short in height, even shorter than Naruto.

With Hair resembling, SSJ4 Gogeta's style but in a blue-ish green as being an offspring of the Marusuke clan. http://jasonsanimenirvana.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/ssj4gogeta.jpeg

And oddly enough, Akiro wears a face mask like that of Kakashi.

And his eyes are normally black until he uses the notorious blood line jutsu of the Iruga Clan, "Metsukioraikougan" which turns them into a shiney and blitzy sort of white.

His face however resembles that of a girl like that of Haku, except he doesn't sound like one.

And his stature is a lot like Naruto, being from that he is a short kid.

Fighting Style: Normally depends on Taijutsu. But only with a challenging opponent would he ever use Ninjutsu at all. Uses both hard and soft hand to hand combat.


The Super Pimp of GF
Name: Buretto Hurenai (Alias The time ninja Alias: The hunter nin)
Age- 18
Weapons- Two short swords that are on his belt that can connect to the chains around his legs to use long range techniques also normal ninja weapons such as kunai and shuriken
1) Kage ken jutsu- shadow energy forms over the user's hand and it allows hit to slice through almost anything
2)Asshou- A Taijutsu technique where the ninja drives their fist into their opponent while they are on the ground, crushing them and grinding them into the earth.
3)Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
4)Kakuro- creates a black flame
5)Kanashibari no Jutsu- looking the opponent in the eye freezes them in their tracks
6)Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu- Creates a fire dragon
7)Kawarimi no Jutsu- Substitution
8)Kokuangyo no Jutsu- A Genjutsu technique that effectively blinds the enemy. Total darkness engulfs them, and they can see nothing but their own body.
9)Kyuushuu no Chakra- Absorbs opponent's chakra
10)Nemuri- put hand on opponent's shoulder and they fall asleep
11)Nemurihane- A Genjutsu technique where the ninja targets a mass of people and puts them to sleep. Illusory feathers appear to rain upon them, and they will then fall into a deep slumber.
12)Ningyoushibai no Koutetsu- A Ninjutsu technique. With the ground littered with weapons, the ninja threads their chakra around them all, controlling them like a marionette
14)Sabaki no Genki-A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja must make direct physical contact with their opponent, at which point they begin to drain their chakra and physical energy through the palm of their hand. The energy does not appear to be absorbed, merely drained.
15)Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu- Like the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), this Ninjutsu technique requires a base from which to clone. Therefore, the ninja performing this throws a single shuriken at their enemy, and then performs the jutsu, creating one or many more shadow shuriken.
16)Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu-A Suiton (water type) Ninjutsu technique using water as its base. The ninja manipulates the water around them into the shape of a large dragon that attacks their opponent as a torrential blast
17)kurai kouen doragon no jutsu- A ninjutsu technique that creates a dragon out of dark fire energy is a combination of the Kakuro and the Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu

And other various jutsu that aren't used as much

History- He is the descendant of the Hurenai clan which was one of the greatest clans in the Konoha village. It is said that the people revolted against them because they had become too strong but more recently it has been suggested that one ninja killed the entire clan. Buretto's ancestors were lucky enough to escape the village before the clan was slaughtered. The murderer of the clan is still unknown to this day but the burden of seeking out this powerful ninja has been placed on Buretto's hands. The dark side of Buretto was born when he traveled into a village that was near where his family lived in the wilderness and when he returned he found that his mother, father and his siblings were all killed. Buretto is the only remaining ninja of his kind and he now seeks the killer of his parents and his clan who he thinks is the same person. Buretto possesses an extremely powerful Kekke Genkai. Much like the sharingan it is a power that must be learned to summon and it takes up a lot of chakra. The power of these eyes is to be able to manipulate time and space for brief periods of time and also to amplify the genjutsus that the ninja uses. It has been rumored that there is a more advanced form of the eye which is called the Kage manako or shadow eye but nobody in the clan has been able to obtain it. The blood lie trait is extremely powerful and seemingly invincible but short time use of it takes up vast amounts of chakra so prolonged use of it is almost out of the question. After his parents murder Buretto moved back into Konoha village and became a genin extremely fast. He became a legend after on his first mission his squad was attacked by a group of four jounin from the hidden rock village. Buretto's entire squad was killed even his leader but he managed to defeat all four of the jounin by himself. He was then promoted to jounin at the age of 13 and skipped over being a chunin all together. He kept the forehead protector of the first hidden rock ninja he killed and considered it a keepsake. Buretto became unsettled and left the village. He was hunted by the hunter ninja but not a single one ever returned. He now wears the forehead protectors of all the first ninjas that he killed from each village. He later became a mercenary and any village could hire him for an assassination but he would only accept if he liked the mission.

Personality- It seems that he is crazy and just blood thirsty but in reality all he wants is to get stronger. Though he is a mercenary he only accepts the missions that he deems "OK" meaning he only hunts the people he sees as bad or evil. He is very quiet and ruthless to those he hunts but deep down he has a soft side.

Fighting Style- he is very stealthy but when he is reduced to combat he is extremely powerful. He uses mainly ninjustus and Genjutsus but if he absolutely needs to he will use Taijutsus. He utilizes the short swords and chains in order to fight long range. He charges chakra into the chains and therefore can control the direction in which the swords go.

Appearance- He has short brown hair with blue eyes when he uses his kekke genkai the shape of his pupil changes to something like this:

His clothes are fairly plain. He wears black shorts with chains wrapped from his ankles to his upper thigh on both legs. He wears a short sleeve shirt and his right arm is bandages from his knuckles all the way up his arm. On both arms he wears headprotectors from the first nin he killed from each village. He is fairly handsome but never tries to make a relationship because he is too busy training and searching for his clan's murderer.


Henskie is this going to be some kind of Naruto roleplay? Where we venture about just like the characters in Naruto?


Name: Uchiha Fkeas
Age: 12
Weapons: A ridiculously huge sword kinda like cloud's
Kage Bushin
Fkeas: Death God Mode
Oodama Rasengan:large spinning ball of chakra
Rasengan:spinning ball of chakra
Chidori:lightning chakra
Katon:fire breath
Brisinger:Fire Armor
Uzumaki:Summoning Technique for The Nine Tales Demon Fox
ManaBurn:Steals the opponents chakra but if too much is consumed the chakra will start burning his skin
History: He is a Death God, he is a child built to destroy evil and help his village. He is also in the Uchiha Clan and has the fully developed sharingan.
Personality:Always serioius and commanding, friendly when he's not doing something
Fighting Style:Does anything to eliminate his opponent and tries to look cool while doing it