Crazyness at my school today...

Discussion in 'The Bathroom Wall' started by 31marquis32, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Ok theres this 8th grader Alexis, and she found out that this boy Alex(no kris not the alex that lived with me)doesnt like her he likes Tiara, but tiara is her best friend...well x-bestfriend, cause alexis was soo pissed she told all the younger teachers and stuff....but all day her eyes were like tearyish and red(<<kinda like that)so she got to the pint that she was so pissed she started this BIG now there not friends anymore and alex is now goin out with tiara...
    has anyone ever seen or experienced something like that

  2. Why dint you tell me this?
  3. 31marquis32

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    you didnt now just PM stuff like this before i get another infraction
  4. I usually dont ask you if there was any brawls at your school...
  5. 31marquis32

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    ummm welcome to highschool? This is what highschool is like...drama.
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    It's nothing unusual, it happens all the time in all schools >>; I prefer it to be just plain stupid and idiotic, take it like a woman, get a better man and show him that u don't care. My friend would have to do some explaining though....after I finally decide to talk to her again that is^^;

    A fight? Plz....give some details on how they did.
  8. Okay SuperMod...
  9. 31marquis32

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    ok first Alexis walked up to Tiara...socked her in the jaw...then alex tried to pull alexis off tiara so then alexis punched ripped out tiara's weave...lmao...alex was bleeding to...the all alexis's friends jumped and tiara waws gettin whoopedcryin and wat not....then tiara's friends jumped in and there alex was bein a dumbass tryin to pull them apart again...i cant wait till high

    I WISH!!!!!!lol
  10. Kyo_Muramasa

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    There's always the dummy who tries to break up a fight*sighs* Don't ppl ever learn these days -_-;

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