Crazy radio show (Explicit Content)

The following is from Bubba The Love Sponge's radio show:


- Kurt Angle on the phone... what happened between him and WWE?

- Kurt felt he was being worked too hard with Vince. He's having another baby within a month.

- Kurt denies that Triple H is the cancer at WWE.

- Kurt talks about UFC... could he beat Chuck Liddel?

- Dana White has offered him a contract and he said no to it before.

- Talked about being hooked on pain killers. Claims to have taken 60+ 10/325 Percs in a day before.

- Kurt says he has never said anything bad about Hogan.

- Kurt's wife likes anal? Kurt offers Bubba a run in on.

- Bubba talked about Lamar Thomas more.


- X-Pac called in and talked about Chyna's clit. He is thinking about doing the UFC.

- Virgil could suck his own cock. X-Pac witnessed him do it once. He also talked about the "Honkey Tonk Man".

- Hogan called in and he did not sign a 20 year contract. Bubba tried to get an Ultimate Warrior story out of him and Hogan finally told 2, very vague, Ultimate Warrior stories. Who should Hogan wrestle for WrestleMania? He is moving back to Belleair, it's officially. The dogs are there and they will be there for Thanksgiving. Bubba squeezed one more story out of Hogan, but Hogan had to go last second.