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Crazy racist gets to keep her job, "claims she can not be racist..."


Problematic Shitlord
"... because she is an ethnic minority woman"

Story link

A university's diversity officer will remain in post, despite provoking a storm of protest by tweeting #killallwhitemen and labelling people "white trash".

Bahar Mustafa also banned white men from a university event on diversifying the curriculum at Goldsmiths University, London.

She then defended her position by stating that she could not be racist because she is an ethnic minority woman.

People like Mustafa are doing more harm than good. I've always wondered why these hashtagtivists think you can fight intolerance with intolerance. Or for that matter, why do they think they can fight hate with hate and not face any consequences? I'm sure in the coming weeks we'll hear about her struggles with harassment online and to be honest, I hope most people ignore her.

You don't get to punch a beehive and cry about the bees, Ms. Mustafa.


EDIT: Guess we can't edit titles anymore. Well, bollocks.

"Crazy racist gets to keep her job"


Registered Member
They'll get her eventually. People like this seem to enjoy riding short bursts of trendy popular movements, no matter how nonsensical.


This pisses me off, I see this shit all the time and I agree that it's stupid to fight intolerance with intolerance. I just fail to understand how these people don't see the irony in what they are doing. You don't like being treated one way because of the colour of your skin "lashes out at all white people". You don't like being treated differently because of your sexuality "is rude to all straight people".

I see this shit on tumblr all the time and I don't get it. They are literally doing the exact same thing they are fighting against.


Free Spirit
Staff member
She should have been fired. I have news for her anyone is capable of racism and she sounds like one to me.

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