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I was working at McDonalds back in 2001. My first day on register during rush time, a scowling women ordered a double cheeseburger from me, and told me that we (McDonalds) always screwed up her order. I smiled and put in her order, saying it would be up in a second.

Not long after she walked off with her double cheeseburger, she walked back up with it, and told me, "the cheese is melted into the bun." The cheese is melted into the bun? At McDonalds, the buns are toasted when someone orders something, so they melt the cheese along with the heat from the patty. Was she asking me to tell the grill team to defy the laws of physics?

I told the grill team to defy the laws of physics, or at least, that the customer didn't want cheese melted into the bun. I expected them to refuse the attempt, but sure enough, they handed me a sandwich. When I gave it to her, she unwrapped it, and I saw that they had put the cheese between the meat patties. Clever. This didn't make her happy, but I guess it was acceptable, because she didn't make us redo it again.

In any case, customers can be crazy, and so here's a thread for former or current customer-service types to share crazy-customer stories. It 'tis the season for crazy, after all.
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wow a tasty story!

i like mcdonalds and cheese melted cheese etc...but yet dunno about to the bone hehe..:XD

yeah hot cheese falling into the burger and the bune getting a shape..:lolá


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This is why I hate the "customer is always right" mantra because some people are well aware that companies are so obsessed with positive PR these days that they can bitch about nearly anything and get away with it.


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The first thing my boss taught me was that the customer isn't always right.

We have quite a few weird customers that stagger into our office.

There was one a while back that wanted me to quote him for his motor car but everytime I asked him a personal question that was mandatory precedure he went crazy and started calling me names saying I didn't need the information.

In the end my boss told him to fuck off!


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Oh god yes.

Once this manager welcomed a customer by talking like Arnold. He took the entire order like that and the customer even talked like Arnold back to

At Arbys we have surveys on the back of the receipt. If you call the number and do the survey, you get a free regular roast beef or beef and cheddar. Well, these two guys came in and ordered food.. The first guy threw his receipt away and then regretted it when his friend did the survey.

So he said I never gave him the receipt... Then he said he threw it away, well, we can't reprint them and went off on my manager. She called him a dick and kicked him out lol It was awesome.


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I have a story as a crazy customer. I have to laugh sometimes at how customer service people almost try to make the customer look stupid but then end up looking twice as dumb as the customer himself.

For instance a few months back Kim and I pulled into a McDonalds Drive thru. She always orders the "2 Cheeseburger meal". Now, the 2 cheeseburger meal was discontinued about a year ago maybe more. However the local McDonalds we went to will still accommodate for it by giving you 2 regular cheeseburgers, a drink, and a fry. Not rocket science, obviously its more expensive than what the meal used to be but who gives a damn.

As we pulled into this other McDonalds I asked for the Two Cheeseburger meal. The guy responds puzzled... "What was that?" So I said it a little louder and enunciating more clearly, "The Two Cheeseburger Meal Please". To which he says "What?", I hate repeating myself so I said it again... but I'm sure there was more irritance in my voice.

He followed up in a snarky tone saying "We dont do that anymore, you'll have to order something else, from the menu this time". To which I responded with, now pissed off of course "Ok then, I'd like Two cheeseburgers, A medium Fry, and a Medium Dr. Pepper". I heard people laughing in the background through his intercom and the guy answered obviously defeated "Are you serious?", I didn't answer back but instead just pulled forward paid for my order, got my food, and left.

It was just like fuck come on... in my line of work I have to accommodate for people all the time. Its not difficult, it can be a pain in the ass... but its not difficult.
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Well I don't have that type of story, but when I use to work in retail back in the day, a crazy person came in the store and kept saying that God will come to Earth, just wait and you'll see. She also called one of my friends that work there who is black Satan. She was nuts.

Just to clear things up, it wasn't FutureTrackStar. I mean....


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I guess my friends and I sort of fit into this category.. We used to call QVC all the time and use all different accents and ask for random things.

My friend Sam would do it the best, he'd put on a southern accent, which he sort of already had because he's from Wisconsin, and asked for "them cherry things".
I guess my friends and I sort of fit into this category.. We used to call QVC all the time and use all different accents and ask for random things.

My friend Sam would do it the best, he'd put on a southern accent, which he sort of already had because he's from Wisconsin, and asked for "them cherry things".
Haha, me and my friends used to do that too. I'd run up a massive phone bill at sleepovers where we'd call random places and just say stupid stuff.

Nothing crazy happened where I worked, whilst I was there. Some old dude came in once and said envelopes he bought from us a few days ago wouldn't stick down properly when he licked them. My manager told him to buy cellotape. Not too sure what he wanted us to do about it. :dunno:
And then there was this other old person who, just as all the other customers had left and the shop was closing, decided she couldn't remember how to get home. After a lot of panic and questioning, we gave up and called the police, who couldn't really help either. They took her away eventually though.


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I remember I was working Toys-R-Us, and the hot item of the season was these toy cats called "Fur Real Cats", or something to that effect. A lady actually called the store and complained that we were selling toys with real cat-fur. Of course, I told her the "fur" was synthetic, and gave her the number of the manufacturer, but she went on insisting the fur was real until I just about hung up on her.

From the other side of the counter, I went to Little Ceasers the other day, and was stuck in line behind a lady who wanted fresh bread sticks with extra cheese. Cool enough, a lot of people special order stuff, but when she got them she said they didn't "feel right" and tried to get the guy to make them again. She also demanded the freshest pizza on the rack (of course, meaning the one I got would be older), and was otherwise being a complete asshole. I think some people fail to grasp the concept of "fast food".
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