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Crazy Arcade Video!


Registered Member
Thats crazy. I have seen it before. This kid needs to get a life, and quit wasting quarters.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Holy horse turds that's insane. Has anyone else seen the Tetris high score video? That one's pretty flippin crazy.


Registered Member
What...... IS .... that game?

It looks like some thing where he pushes buttons on two rows of 4 and tries to match the things as they fall, but I can't tell for sure. I would imagine that the game would be hard for anybody but the most expert of people to play.

My favorite part is the guy behind the camera. He's funny. :lol:
I don't even understand how that's possible. I could not imagine reacting to ANYTHING that quickly, but he made it look like cake. That's just crazy.


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lol. it is crazy. i don't know that game much, but wow that guy is good, but he'd have spent less buying the machine than keep spending those quarters to get that good.


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i've seen this before but couldn't think of anything witty to say till now:

"that kid must be wicked at Simon"


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I've seen this before. That kid still needs a life.


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HOLY FREAKING CRAP. That guy was amazing... did you try looking at his hands? They were going so fast...

I believe the game was basically the piano version of Dance Dance Revolution, considering the music and the basic way it is played.