Cracking up at work?


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Are you ever on GF at work, or chatting with somebody on IM or whatever and something catches you off guard and causes you to literally LOL at work?

What do you tell your co-workers if they notice?


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All the time.

I normally try to "cough" to cover it up, and I always have a funny email ready in case someone comes by to see what I was laughing at.


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That happens to me a lot in school. It'll be quiet in class and someone will pass me a note. I'll find it hilarious and just snicker. I have a really obnoxious laugh so I try to avoid hardcore lol'ing. Its pretty bad 'cause I laugh really easily.


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I have a pretty laid back job. When I crack up, I just explain to people why I'm laughing and they generally have a laugh, too.


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At college I do this. I'll be sitting in my IT class and all of a sudden I'll just lol at something I see on the board and everyone will be like "wtf?" I don't usually try and explain it really. I'll just let them carry on thinking I'm weird for loling in class.
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This always seems to happen to me, especially when i'm on the phone with a client, and i'm reading something online. It's usually quite hard to explain what's so funny. I think half my clients and workmates think i'm retarded because of this.


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At my work, my officemates were already used to me being weird. So when I LOL'd at emails (I couldn't im at work), it's just me being normal that I don't need to explain myself to them.


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I never bother explaining unless I'm asked, then I say mutter something like "oh just something funny I read"


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I don't cover it up. I used to hide GF all the time with a privacy filter at work but I'm not bothered anymore.
I only log on to GF on my lunch break and if someone looks over I don't explain myself - I just carry on LOL'ing as it were.