Cracking/Patching Games?


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I was simply wondering if anyone knew how to patch or crack a game to where you could use multiple serial codes for it, thus making it installable on two or more computers and playable together via LAN.


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I know its not necessarily the same, however I know a couple construction companies that will only buy one program, then install it on their server computer. Then it gets put on every computer afterwards even though they only purchased one.

Some of the companies found a way around that by making "dongles" but even still a little intuition can get you around those.

But yeah, I'm assuming your computers are linked with a Server and Slave network sooooo that method is probably not one you'd be interested in. Still relevant though ;)


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As far as I know, lots of games I've played, you didn't need unique cd keys for LAN, only for online play. At most, you just need a cd in each drive. For that, you'd just need to find a No-CD patch/crack somewhere. Just google it, but make sure your adware and spyware and virus checkers are up to date. Most of those sites are run with so many popups it's nuts.


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Well for just a no-cd patch I can just create ISO files out of them and mount them with Alcohol. But I am awaiting the release of Diablo 3 and a couple of my friends and I decided we would play for three days straight on release but I figure it would be cool (and something to learn and do in the meantime) if I could learn to patch them so I could buy one version and have it work for all of us. I'm a huge fan of learning new things and that would be something I could use lots.