Cracked under pressure...


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Wow that's really sad. It's sad enough that he couldn't afford to pay for her medical bills, but even worse that he thought this was a good solution.

They didn't have health insurance, which makes me wonder why more people don't get health insurance after something like this hits the news. Some people can't afford it period, but other people just choose not to get it. If she had it this probably would not have happened, unfortunately. He was 100% wrong in what he did though.


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And speaking of "Mercy killing" if that term is even going to be justified, shouldn't it have been her decision? I don't agree in mercy killing in the first place, or euthanasia for that matter. This is just all around unfortunate in every sense of the word. :(


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He had to have completely flipped his noodle around, cuz from the sounds of things she didn't have that much more time to live anyway.....

and then say he did it cuz the bills were to high? That was just sick. I know that stress can make people do some really crazy things. Maybe that is what happened here. really sad :cry:

The reason that he gave was not mercy, it was just selfish. I can't afford her anymore.........


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Oh god ! I'm really shocked ! how could he do that ?!
the prices are so high the lady is too ill
but hey ,,, is it good idea to kill your wife just because you can't afford ?!!!!
this isn't mercy killing as it showed me that this man has no faith and even no mercy !

Mercy Killing or what else you call it is forbidden here ,,, or at least this kind of killing and most of others !