Xbox Brand Crackdown


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Holy fuck that looks awesome . . damn.

I want a 360 so bad and I keep hearing more and more games that make me want it even more. The only problem? I'm in college, thus, broke.


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This game looks pretty good, too bad there is no time frame for when its coming out. Hopefully I have the money to buy it when it comes out.


Aw, Here It Goes!
Thanks for the info, I should have the dough by then. I just hope the game gets good ratings.
No, considering I'm already registered...i did it before the first chance on was a leaked URL to the test and I did it before 99% of the world :)


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U know besides pre-registering you also need to play 3 hours between Feb 1st-3rd if you registered at Though probably with no doubt you would be one of the first 13333. I registered on the 3rd day. Though I think I wouldnt mind waiting a year to play MP.

Let me know if you get selected.