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CPDRC's Inmate Development Program

What do you think about CPDRC's system?

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You might have seen videos of these guys in the past. I was looking into them some more today and it looks like this jail in the Philippines has developed an entire program around music.

The director of the prison said he was inspired by the music scene in Shawshank Redemption. The people in this prison are among the most dangerous criminals in Cebu including murderers, rapists, etc, but since introducing the music routines to the prisoners daily activities, gang related incidents in the prison have stopped and the people have become much more friendly with each other.

Here's a very interesting documentary on the prison and the warden:

YouTube - Jailhouse Rock - Philippines

If you watch that video, you'll even see the popular Canon Rock by JerryC being danced to.

And here's some of the more popular videos they've put out since implementing this program.


YouTube - "Thriller" (original upload)

So, what do you think about this idea? Do you think it is something you'd like to see implemented in prisons in your country, and do you think it would work?