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CP3 sig comments appreciated



Sorry for the long absence on this site, working on my mix with tantheman but he said to take my time so here i am coming back with a simple cp3 sig, hopefully vince carter like always will comment of mine :)



its ok, not your best, BG doesnt really stand out and the text is a little below average, you didnt do anything with the stock image either, I like your blur sig though, you should make it like that not too simple I mean... continue though kiwi and you will be fine :)


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
It feels like I've seen that bg before.....but it's probably just me. But the thing that stand out to me and makes me want to look at it is the bg which is a nice blend of blue and yellow with the broken glass flying ever where effect to it lol^^; So i'll give this sig an 8/10 it doesn't matter about the long absense as long as u don't forget about the site. Do*shrugs* and Vince and some others might come after u....
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