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Cowboy Bebop



Discuss all things Cowboy Bebop here!

Cowboy Bebop is definitely a great anime. The only flaw I saw, was that it was too short... even that made it great because it left you wanting more. The characters and storyline are just hilarious yet it is pretty serious at the same time. That Vicious is awesome...

My favorite episode is the one with Andy (blondie that looks like spike), that guy was crazy lol.


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Ya I really liked the show to. I think it was just right when it came to epiosdes. My favorite episode is Ballad of Fallen Angels the ending was awesome. Also I really like the movie to.


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I think this is a great anime I wanted it to continue on but the ending was awesome I loved the last fight it was an epic battle SPIKE rules!


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One of the best animes ever. It could make you laugh and cry. Truly brilliant.


One of my favorites. I'm sharing the series if anyone would like.
I hear it's truely paradox. They're a lot of refrences to American Past times embedded in the anime.
I enjoy the sound track selection... there's a lot of jazz and big band involved.


My favorite aspect of this anime (and Noir as well) is the detail work in the firearms:

- Jet (and Noir's Mierielle) both use the Walther P-99 handgun, which is one of the most advanced handguns available. Adjustable grip, composite materials, and can be changed out to use either 9mm rounds or .40 caliber rounds. (Ex-cop Jet couldn't have picked out a more effective handgun.)

- Spike uses the Israeli Jericho 941 "Baby Eagle", which is a smaller version of the Desert Eagle model. It also uses either 9mm or .40 caliber rounds, depending on the barrel loaded. (Some think of this firearm's origins as one of the reasons Spike is a wandering soul.)

- Faye has the most powerful handgun of the three, the Glock 30. Made of ceramic and other materials, the gun fires .45 caliber rounds. Tiny deceptive gun that hides a lot of power -- sounds a lot like Faye.

- Spike also uses the Thompson Center Chamber single-shooter in one episode, when he puts the gem-bullet in the time-displaced kid. More of a showpiece gun, Spike uses it because of its excellent accuracy and the fact that the kid wouldn't dodge the bullet (thinking he wouldn't get hurt by it).


Wow, I didn't know that Glory_Questor. That's pretty cool info, this makes me like Cowboy Bebop even more.


I found this to be an amazing series that creatively made. There is always so much going on and has something for everyone to enjoy about it. My favorite episode would have to be between My Funny Valentine and Mushroom Samba. I love the songs Flying Teapot by Emily Bindiger and Call Me Call Me by Steve Conte.


Well, in case anyone hasn't seen the news, the Cowboy Bebop game is now MIA.

It's gone from the BANDAI Games site, and it seems to be the consensus that it will never be released due to the previews being really bad.

This could very well put the final nail on the coffin for anything new Bebop-wise, which is sad (since Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is a well-done example that there are still some stories in there to be told).


Cowboy Bebop is great! Vicious is my favorite character, he is cool.