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Cowardice, betrayals as Saigon fell to North Vietnam


Free Spirit
Staff member
When South Vietnam’s capital fell on the last day of April that year, the intelligence officer’s two best military sources committed suicide and the actions of an American diplomat endangered the lives of escaping diplomats and CIA personnel, the 73-year-old Mr. Parker recalled in an interview. Off the coast of Danang, panicked South Vietnamese who evacuated onto a U.S. ship shot, stabbed, raped, trampled and executed one another in revenge attacks.
Last CIA evacuee bitterly recalls U.S. Embassy cowardice, betrayals as Saigon fell to North Vietnam

This happened April 30, 1975. All those people being murdered on the ship would have been a scene you would have nightmares about for the rest of your life. Total chaos with people being killed all around you. No wonder so many Vietnam vets came back messed up and drug addicted. Between events like on the ship, which from what I have heard there were many, and being sprayed with agent orange its a wonder any are sane.


1975 South Vietnam surrenders
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