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Cow/Goat Milk vs Human Milk

Two glasses of milk in front of you, and you MUST drink one; which do you choose?

  • Cow/Goat Milk

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • Human Milk

    Votes: 2 28.6%

  • Total voters


Registered Member
So, I have a theory, based on having asked this question off-and-on over the years, that people are repulsed, for the most part, by human breast milk. So much so, in fact, that they gag when just thinking about drinking it. What's up with that? Why do you think people are more comfortable drinking the stuff that comes from cow and/or goat udders than from human breasts?


Registered Member
Maybe because it's remotely linked to cannabalism? Plus since our diets vary so much, the taste varies as well. To picture human women lining up at a factory pumping their breasts is a little warped too. LOL!!


Creeping On You
People gag? I've never actually heard that. Lots of us drank it when we were babies. It's better for you with antibodies and such right? I'd love to try some breast milk (Especially straight from the boob ;)) I remember a girl at my work didn't want to breastfeed her baby because she didn't want her nipples to get distended and stuff. Is distended nipples and some discomfort worth it when your baby will have a stronger immune system? I hope that when I get married and have kids, that my wife will consider whats best for the kid instead of her image. Me and my siblings were all breastfed, and we hardly ever got sick growing up, or even now for that matter.


Registered Member
Maybe because it's remotely linked to cannabalism? Plus since our diets vary so much, the taste varies as well. To picture human women lining up at a factory pumping their breasts is a little warped too. LOL!!

Hahahaha, I never thought of the cannibalism link, but you may be right! And, well, yeah, picturing women lining up to be milked is rather unsettling. Especially if we relied on some of the things we rely on in order to keep cows producing milk... Forcing women to get pregnant, taking her baby away from her within hours, filling her with supplements and things meant to fill her with so much milk that her breasts become painfully engorged, and then hooking her up to a machine to get that milk outta her... Yikes. I doubt human females would like it anymore than the cows do :shake:

I wasn't picturing all of that... I was just thinking of a nursing woman squeezing some milk into a glass ;)


Son of Liberty
I dunno if I wanna vote.

Simply because in my adult life (or my childhood for that matter, excluding infancy) I've never purposely had Human Milk. So the thought doesnt bug me, but I dunno if Its any good :hah:

I'm not a fan of Goat Milk. So if you put the two together... Goat Milk vs Human Milk. I know I dont like Goat milk... So in that case I'd take the Human flavor. But Moo Juice doesnt bug me, in fact Im an avid Bovine Milk drinker, so I'd take the Cow milk over the Human.


Registered Member
I breastfed both my kids until they were a year old. There was more than once that I tasted my own milk. It's sweeter than cow milk. I'm lactose intolerant so I only have milk with cereal. If I have ice cream, my family suffers. HA. My daughter has to take lactose pills.

QB.....cows are so stupid. They are so happy that all they do is eat.


Haters gonna hate.
Cow/Goat milk. Straight up. I'm just not getting a good vibe about human milk.

Plus I have drunk pure cow milk before. Not entirely that bad.


I hate milk, I find it disgusting how much milk humans drink. No other animal in the world aside from humans drinks milk past their infancy, so why do we do it? And not only that but no other animal drinks other animals milk and there has to be some reason for that. I believe that milk should be drunk by babies, young, infants etc of all mammals and not past that. I personally drink soy milk if need be but I'm not completely milk free. It's very hard in this modern day with how many food products there are influenced by milk. Cheese etc. I do try and limit my milk products though. To me humans should drink human milk and calves should drink cow milk, but it should stop after infancy.


Embrace the Suck
I love milk, it's delicious and is healthy in my opinion. I prefer Cow's milk so that's what I voted for.


New Member
Well I prefer cow milk, but if Impact whats to let me taste her milk I would give it a try haha.