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Movies COVID-19 Sending Movies Straight to Streaming


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With COVID-19 closing down theaters all over, more and more distribution companies are sending movies straight to streaming instead.

Have you watched any of these?

Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot comes to mind, but I have seen many advertising straight to streaming.

Others have been delayed. Daniel Craig’s final James Bond “No Time to Die” was one of those that I would have liked to see in theaters, so I don’t mind waiting for that vs. watching for the first time at home.


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I was looking forward to Mulan. They delayed the release - I don't think they'll go streaming.


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I'm not particularly interested in renting straight to home movies unless it hits a "free" streaming service. I already pay for Netflix and satellite TV so I don't have much in the entertainment budget for movie rentals. That probably comes down to the kids and me not being terribly excited for anything that's supposed to be in theaters right now. Maybe Peter Rabbit 2? But we can wait for that one with the sheer amount of content that's out there right now.


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I've noticed that a lot of movies are also releasing early for purchase due to the quarantine. I haven't seen any movies that missed the theater due to Coronavirus.

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for the theater industry to recover. They are making no money at all right now. Really really good time to do equipment maintenance and upgrades though.


I'd be willing to shell out the twenty bucks to buy/rent something if it was a blockbuster or something I was really looking forward to. But nothing like that is available, at least not yet. I will just wait a few months and rent these for a quarter of the price.