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covid-19 = hyperinflation


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This is mostly a financial article about gold prices but it makes a good argument that hyperinflation is coming thanks to covid19 and the poor choices of central banks and years of deficent spending.
Very frightening.

I have a small commercial cleaning business and I've seen cleaning supplies prices double in a few weeks. I also went to Walmart today and paper and cleaning supplies were sold out.

Some reports say that China is still not back online:
China's coronavirus recovery is 'all fake,' whistleblowers and residents claim

When you look at the pre-indicators of inflation such as gold and cryptocurrency, they are rising quickly.
Personally I don't fear the virus. It's no worse than the flu and spring should kill it. It's the reaction to the virus that is worrisome.


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Personally I don't fear the virus. It's no worse than the flu and spring should kill it. It's the reaction to the virus that is worrisome.
It is worse than the flu. The death rate is .1% for flu, 2.3-2.9% for Covid-19 depending on the stats you believe.
20 times as deadly is significant.

Some viruses are affected by warm weather, not all. i am hoping this is one - the shrinking rate in China has me hoping so.


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MenInTights, I'm glad you aren't fearing the coronavirus. But be careful to stay safe as well.
Thanks, you too! I'm taking all precautions and helping where I can.

However, the more I read the more I'm convinced the reaction to this virus will be the biggest mistake our nation had ever made.

We're entering a depression and so far 200 people have died. That's about 48 hours worth of tragedy on the interstate roads.


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MIT, if the numbers are even remotely correct, as I believe they are, as it doesn’t make sense for so many nations with so many agendas to all agree on one thing all of a sudden, we could be looking at anywhere between a 1% and 3% death rate. This seems low until you also factor in the rate of infection and how contagious this is compared to the flu. Then consider that you are contagious prior to showing symptoms and can even have minimal or no symptoms and be contagious. Essentially, unless you love under a rock, assuming they statements above are medically sound (I believe I am quoting things correctly from what I‘be read, but I don’t have sources handy), most of the world will contract the virus, in particular (but not limited to) upper hemisphere nations. We’re potentially talking about millions of deaths before this plays out.

Unless the world acts.

Conspiracy theories aside for now.


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This guy is an epidemiologist and sums up the way I've been feeling about this from the beginning with facts: In the coronavirus pandemic, we're making decisions without reliable data

Every prediction, every model that floods the news comes from a single source: Imperial College of London. I don't trust them. I don't think an institution that has taken billions from Jeremy Grantham should be allowed to set global public policy. I had no idea who Grantham was until recently but the more I see on him, the less credibility I give to Imperial.

We have crashed our economy. Unemployment rates by years end will look like the 1930s. Millions of business will never recover.
Deflation is here, followed soon by rapid inflation. The supply chain is so interrupted Costco can't stock their shelves. We're passing trillion dollars spending bills.

We've done this because 237 people have died. Nobody is taking a moment to breathe and make wide decisions. Everything is reactionary.

America like we knew it is over. Because of a disease that will probably kill about as many as the flu or less.


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The guy/University that started the panic just back-tracked!

UK has enough intensive care units for coronavirus, expert predicts

This is a CRUCIAL story for all to read and understand.
The experts now say 20,000 OR LESS in the UK will die and half of those would have died b/c of pre-existing conditions. 2 weeks ago, the experts said 500,000 in the UK.

This was worth starting an economic depression and mass hysteria over?

And don't believe the BS that the numbers are so low because we took action. According to "the best experts in the world" we were going to see 2 million deaths( in US) if we sheltered in place like we've been doing. The numbers were much higher if we did nothing.

This whole thing was either a scam, gross incompetence or worse.
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Are you really unable to see the seriousness of this? In a week we've surpassed the rest of the world in number of cases, because of people like you not taking it seriously.

The numbers are low due to lack of testing and human stupidity. 100 people died in NY yesterday. We're up to 1300 deaths.

This is not the flu. This is not a joke. Yes, the US response has bee gross incompetence. Like Italy. Only worse.