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Music Cover of Gangstas Paradise


aka ginger warlock
Remember the classic track "Gangstas Paradise" by Coolio? Remember how it was a great background for the film "Dangerous minds"? Remember for many it is was of on the most important raps to come out of the music industry in the 90's?

Well some young whipper snappers have decided it needed a bit of a shake up, a but of sprucing and hopes presumably to do something good and different; well they managed different I guess:

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to stage... you know what I don't want to give them any credit if I can other than bringing this up and having jolly good cringe and a laugh, role the film:


Where it gets beyond bad for me and "oh you poor poor thing, you really really thought was a good didn't you was 2.34 and it always just goes into an insane industrial mental motif that was never really needed.

Thoughts? Did you manage it through the whole video?
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