Cous-cous, Rice or pasta


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Which one do you prefer.

I'll go with Cous-cous. I'm not a huge rice or pasta fan. I find with Cous-cous i can flavour it to go with the meal i'm having :)


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I like rice and pasta...

i have tried cous- cous once and i didnt like it..... wasnt to my taste

if i had to choose between pasta and rice i would say pasta... you can do many things with pasta - but i suppose you can also do many things with rice aswell


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Pasta. Rice is too bland and cous cous is just too much like cream of wheat.


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Pasta, because I have to say that because I'm Italian, haha.

..Cous-cous doesn't have any flavor to me. I'm assuming college fucked it up so bad it had no flavor.


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I really love and actively eat all three, but rice is my favourite out of all of them I suppose. When it comes to rice I only like bazmati white rice though, I'm indifferent to pastas and cous cous!


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I have to go with rice, I could eat rice everyday, I'm a real big fan of pasta as well. But I cannot stand to eat cous cous. I think it's disgusting.