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Course offered on Miley Cyrus


Free Spirit
Staff member
A university in New York state has announced a course on the sociology of Miley Cyrus. Assistant professor Carolyn Chernoff will use the twerking pop star as “a lens into cultural conflict”, exploring race, class, gender and the “core issues of intersectionality theory”.

New York college offers course on Miley Cyrus and ‘the twerk heard round the world’ | The Raw Story
This may not be the first time such a course has been offered but I think its a waste of time. You could explore these issues without making it about a pop star.

I think there is a big difference in offering a course on Mozart and a pop star. Composers like Mozart or Beethoven were masters, geniuses and the music they composed is still listened to today. It remains to be seen if people will be listening to Cyrus in even 20 years.



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There's a big difference between Mozart & Beethoven when compared to Miley Cyrus.

First off, Mozart & Beethoven's works have stood the test of time whereas Miley Cyrus is still spewing her trash for the whole world to see.

I don't see why a course on Miley Cyrus is necessary at all. Honestly, I'd feel like a total loser if I was taking that class. Here's the thing, if you want to study Miley Cyrus then get on the internet and look her up, she's very popular. The fact that she's still in the spotlight makes me think it's sort of impossible to properly study her because there's no historical lens to look through.


Creeping On You
I think the idea is less to study about miley cyrus, and more to study the issues she presents. Studying her type of character more so than her specifically. She's just the example I guess. I'd be more impressed by it if it was a class on why cyrus is the way she is, and how she got there, so as to avoid it in the future.


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That is a good point David. I mean I think she has not been around long enough to be someone a college needs to study her life. As Dave says the information is all right there on the internet to read of her latest episodes.
Please know that Miley is doing these things on purpose to be a villain to grab national media attention. She is probably picking up these papers and magazines and showing her friends laughing and look what I did now. Infamous rock and movie stars do such the same purposely portraying a bad image for national attention. But Miley is proving that maybe she can even be worse then Madonna. Maybe she would become the #1 Harlot celebrity of all time.
It does not take sociology or psychology to figure out that Miley is a menace to our culture. The Bible would call her a sinner. That’s all I really need to know about her fallen behavior. I do believe she is or maybe demon influenced. That does not mean demons inside of her but rather demons who are around her and influence her choices. She is influencing kids instead of watching Nickelodeon rather to pop a porn movie in the DVD player. Rather than to teach a girl to be faithful to her one boyfriend. Rather it is popular to be a flirt at school and sleep behind others backs. .
Miley is creating a generation of teenage nymphos. Rather than a girf worry about her college education she wants to have sex with the guy on the next block who is over thirty years old and she is in high school. .
I had a friend who had a daughter named Amanda. Amanda did not want to be with boys her age in high school. She was just in the ninth grade. She was messing around with older men at any age. . she even tried to have sex with her father since he was not he real father. . so anyone thinks these girls won't be influenced by Miley's behavior then think again. Take the sun glasses off and look what is happening to these young girls today. . she needs to have a secure future. Not to be the local slut in her town. Kids were bad when I went to school kids are even worse now.


Registered Member
Right now the worst thing I can think of about her behavior is that she doesn't care about the repercussions of her actions. Whether it may hurt others in some way or not.. This incident did not start her bad behavior.. it started way earlier.

From my understanding and I may be wrong I don't have cable..when she did the MTV awards deal that really started her bad behaviour streak. Robin Thicke was unaware she was going to pull the antic that she did. At the last second he had to play along as if it were part of the show.

I believe that is what stemmed the divorce that his wife wanted to get. Currently I believe from what I heard she is reconsidering this and maybe going to give him another chance.
She needs to change again or God knows what else will happen.
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Free Spirit
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There is no way I would take a course on Cyrus no matter the purpose behind it. Maybe though it would be interesting to figure out what makes someone, not just her, act like she does for attention.

I know people can do some crazy things for attention when they are feeling ignored so maybe the fact her career wasn't going anywhere is what brought this on.