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Couple with guns stops beating


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Its not every day you hear about this but a couple pulled into a parking lot and saw a man beating a woman. They approached the man and drew their guns on him stopping the man from beating the woman even further.

Police: Gun-carrying couple stops beating

We always hear the negative side of people carrying guns and never hear much of the positive side. Every day you hear about people getting robbed at gun point and that gets people to say guns should be banned. The reason I carry is that there are people out there who uses guns for the wrong reason and I use it to protect myself and others.


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What a a-hole! He must feel like a real man by beating his ol' lady like that in public, I'll bet it's a lot worse for her at home...... Put him in a state pen and make him someone's bitch and see how he likes it...... What a punk!

EDIT: Want to add this to my post:
Someone should have kicked his ass right there and said he musta' fell while waiting for the cops.....
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