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Couple Married 63 Years Dies 9 Hours Apart


Free Spirit
Staff member
A Utah couple married for 63 years couldn’t bear to be apart from each other, according to their children.

Utah Couple Married 63 Years Dies Nine Hours Apart | Video | TheBlaze.com
This is sad and happy at the same time. Its sad they died but at least they went together. Its happy because they had so much time together. This doesn't happen often. I knew one old couple in their 90's that were married all their life and died within 3 weeks of each other. I guess when you get to be that age the stress of losing someone that close to you will kill you.


Registered Member
Even though it is really sad, they had a very long happy life together. The article says that the wife, who died second, had dementia, so her husband would of been her constant each and every day. The shock he was gone must of been awful for her. They sound like they were a lovely couple.


I'm serious
I think sometimes at that age people also almost live for each other, in a sense. So when the one goes, the other just gives up. They just let go and their bodies and minds gives in. I've seen this happen a few times myself, and I think it's kind of romantic.

It's less romantic when your grandfather says he has nothing to live for anymore and wants to let go to be with his recently deceased wife. He still has his children and grandchildren. But I can't even begin to think how hard it must be to lose your lifelong companion and be alone in your old age.