Country's Influence on the World: Good or Bad?

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Which of these countries, in your opinion, has the best influence on the world?

  1. EU

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  2. France

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  3. UK

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  4. US

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  5. Canada

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  6. Japan

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  7. Germany

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  8. China

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  9. India

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  10. Israel

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  1. baxter

    baxter Guest

    How do you feel about the developed countries influences on the world?
    Which have the best influence?

    The "influence" I'm talking about is in regards to:

    -War and Agression
    -Human rights abuse
    -Environmental policy
    -Generosity unto Third World countries and more specifically Africa.
    -Regimes these countries support
    -Anything else you can think of that affects the reputation of a country.

    I'll start:

    I think that the US has, overall, quite a bad influence on the world. The war in Iraq is an example of this bad influence, as well as the fact it is the biggest polluter and cause of global warming. The conditions of the prisoners on Guantanamo Bay are awful, with people being tortured and imprisoned with no trial. The fact that the US is the principal sponsor of Israel and the policy Israel has doesn't elevate my opinion of them. I would also say that the US gives a very small percentage of its GNI in aid (0.17) compared to European countries.

    This is why I would have to say I think the EU has the best influence on the world. It has a good environmental policy and is actively fighting global warming. France vetoed the war in Iraq. They are generous in helping Third world countries (Swedish percentage of GNI in aid is about 1.07).

  2. Corona

    Corona Registered Member

    How about economy?
  3. enjoy

    enjoy Guest

    I don't enjoy sounding so negative, but I can't find a country on the list that I can say has a positive influence on the world. =/
  4. GoldenGary

    GoldenGary Guest

    How do we measure influence? How far back does it go? I mean, the EU is a relatively recent invention and hasn't been able to do a lot, while Europe itself has created the Western world. The US had its time as one of the freest nations but recent happenings have been ugly. Frankly, I don't think I can answer this without some qualifications.

    Heck, the EU CONTAINS some of the nations mentioned independently making this entire thing even more problematic.
  5. Swiftstrike

    Swiftstrike Registered Member

    EU or Canada.

    France is up there I think nearly most aspects of the political structure and how they regard other sovereign nations is the most human

    US is probably the greatest influence but also I think the worst...
  6. Sim

    Sim Registered Member

    As a strong supporter of the European idea, of course I pick the EU! ;)

    It's hard to come to a conclusion as to which country or organisation has the best influence on the world, or the worst, since states behave in their own interest and the world is so complex, so are policies, it's hard to have a final opinion on it.

    What I like about the EU, though, is the general idea it is based on: Countries which had been bitter enemies in the past, like in WW2 or the Cold War, are now peacefully uniting for the benefit of everybody involved. No longer will brute power be used to solve conflicts between the European countries, but law and democratic decisions. Immanuel Kant's dream was a world where law overcomes the use of strength and power, and while the whole world is still far from it, at least we in Europe have achieved that.

    This model also had and still has a strong magnetic impact on neighbouring countries: Many dictatorships fell and then transformed into true constitutional democracues, because they were aiming at joining the EU. That was the case in Spain and Portugal in the 1970s and 80s, in the former East Bloc countries in the 1990s and today in Turkey. Everybody wants to join our peaceful club of democratic republics and thatfore engages in reforms.

    So has the EU the best impact on the world? I don't know, but at least it has helped and is still helping to make our continent a better continent. So we have created at least a spot of a better world here.
  7. drs10

    drs10 Guest

    How is spreading democracy and removing a murderous dictator a bad influence on the world? And how is combating terror and being the world's saviour again a bad influence? Is military action or participation in wars unacceptable to you or something? How are we the biggest polluter in the world and why does that even matter to you? I thought the Chinese were the biggest polluters in the world. The global warming hysteria is non-existent, so that doesn't matter to me, but you're probably upset that we didn't sign the Kyoto accords right? How are the conditions in Gitmo awful? Nobody, despite much investigation into Gitmo has been able to produce any evidence of torture or what not, unless you are the first to have some. Yeah, you go jump on the bandwagon of people who hate Israel for no apparent reason. What is GNI? I know that the American people are extremely generous to charity, setting a record in 2005 with $258 billion donated.

    The EU was developed with the sole intention of trying to dethrone the US as the superpower of the world. Fortuantely, they failed because of loony policies such as ones concerning the environment. And no, I don't care about them fighting global warming. But its fine by me if they want to flush their Euros down the toilet in a lost cause to fight something that doesn't exist, but I'm not getting into that discussion with you. It doesn't look like anything will change an Al Gore fan's mind about global warming. France vetoed the war? So what?

    While the US may have a low world opinion about them, (which I don't care about) we are still the best influence on the world today.
  8. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Under the criteria provided, especially enviromental policy and human rights abuses, China has it in spades.

    However, I do think that the EU has begun to and will eventually become the economic center the world, and since economics is everything in a nuclear arms era, I think they take the cake.

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