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Any Hillbillies here?

I must be getting mellow in my old age because country music is becoming more and more appealing to me.



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Eck. I hate country because we have to listen to it for the 40 mintes it takes us to get to school both GOING and COMING BACK from school (= 80mins a day. Rediculous, no?). The station my bus driver plays ONLY plays songs where the basic message is, "I'm a stupid hillbilly, and I'm poud." As in, praising themselves for being idiots. I hate THAT kind of country. However, there are some songs that I love to death, but I cannot pinpoint them out. On that station, they'd play around one song a day that I adored, but they almost never said the names of the songs or the artists.

However, outside of that station (I suppose), there are some other songs that I like that I have heard elsewhere (I don't listen to the radio).

A few songs is not enough to say that I like the genre as a whole. I'm with Corona. Country can get raped by a penguin and stuffed down into a sewer where it dies a slow and torturous death by the mutant banana God for all I care.


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Much of it is the exact same whining about a dead dog or dying treuck or lost girlfriend, and the rest is patriotic bullcrap.
Well said, my friend! All of 'em are talking about either Bonnie or Betty Lou >.>

On the contrary...Hoosier, Why do you like it so much now? (Other than you getting older >.>)


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Good point, Hoosier. Which is why I shun most mainstream music. *Nods.*

I only like one country song, Don't Take the Girl by Time McGraw. T.T That song makes me cry.


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I don't hate it, but I don't prefer it. I will admit that some songs are pretty good. It's just the fact that so many people dislike country that makes you ashamed.

I am surprised and pissed off that the Dixie Chicks have made their way onto the Yahoo! list of ROCK music videos. Same with Keith Urban. Seriously, what the hell?