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Photos could you share the picture your pets?


New Member
hello everyone,

I am glad you share the photo of your pet.
Because I cannot have animals.However I love the pets
Now I am studying in the university,and my dorm doesn't everybody feed animals. Two weeks later, I see a cat in my dorm at university .She is a pity cat. Nobody give food to her. Every time when I come back my dormitory. I always give food for her.So,when she see me.She looks happy,and wait me in front of the my room.
So, I hope everyone to share picture your pet,and share the cute of your pets.
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Free Spirit
Staff member
I love cats but right now I don't have any. I have the room for them but without a dog they would be in danger if I had one. Something catches and kills them. I live in a very rural area and we have bobcats, coyotes and a number of other wild animals that would kill them.

Happy to hear you are feeding a poor little kitty that is homeless. Hate to see animals starving.