Could you really forget?


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If someone was wrongfully charged with a serious crime?

I ask because I remember being in my sociology class, Criminology, and hearing about cases where people were charged but found innocent (not after years mind you but anywhere from a few days to a month) and couldn't return to their daily lives. We read a story about a man facing charges of raping a little girl and it turned out she was lying. Tests proved that the little girl did not suffer any sort of physical trauma and the man provided an alibi that checked out (a speeding ticket if I believe actually). Clean as a whistle, right?

Nope, the guy got death threats from anonymous neighbors and he was basically chased out of town. I ask you, do you think you'd be able to work through your image of someone if it was tarnished like this? Maybe not even with a crime, but let's say the person was accused of cheating on their spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, how hard would it be for you to readjust?

I know most people will say immediately, "I'm a good doobie, I'd have no problem" but I really want you guys to think about it because after I thought about it for a while, I realized that I'd probably have difficulty fixing my skewered view of that person. So . .

Could you 'clean' your perception of someone cleared of their negative accusations?

Where and how do you believe as a society we learn this immediate changing in views?


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I don't think that I could ever forget some being wrongfully charged with a crime because I'm all about justice. So if someone is guilty and got away with it or if someone is innocent and got caught, I don't think thats right and I wouldn't forget it. Unless, of course, it's something very small.


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Could you 'clean' your perception of someone cleared of their negative accusations?
No I dont think I could 'clean' my mind completely of what they were accused of. If I was talking to that someone, or they came up in conversation I think at the back of my mind i would still have the 'red flag' pop up of Remember, he was accused of this or that. Even though you know they aren't guilty of whatever, because the possibilty of it was mentioned, I would always think, but what if it was true, and he just got away with it.


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I would feel paranoid if I was wrong accused. I would wonder who knew the truth or who believed the lie. I might go crazy.


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I'd probably end up leaving myself. That's bring me to something else I forgot to add: jobs. If a potential employer wants to see your criminal record, they'll know you were accused of something and that will obviously influence their decision.

How much does that suck?


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I think it would depend on what the accusation was,if it was cheating,or petty theft i think after a while it would be forgotten,but something along the lines of the story you mentioned that would stay in the back of my mind for a very very long time.

The serious nature of the crime would play a part,as in my opinion,even when cleared people would still think maybe there was some truth to it.

Crimes such as rape,child abuse,and murder carry a certain stigma with them throughout society,once these crimes have been put to a face,even wrongly,it can be a never ending job to clear themselves with people in the community.


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I also started this thread subconsciously as a discussion on grudges and stigma since a lot of people here have openly admitted that they'd have trouble forgetting or fixing their incorrect image of the person. Is it really hard for you to forgive and forget?


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I couldn't!
I've already been ''caught out''.
Long story short:

I knew this lad through a friend when we were all still at school.
Everyone liked him.
He moved to our estate and we all used to hang around together.

We left school and he moved away and everyone lost touch as was normal.

He came back to the town as his Mother and her bloke still lived here.
I bumped into him by chance and he said he'd been ditched about a month before his wedding and didn't know why.

I felt bad for him and so we went out for a couple on a few occasions.

Got a text from my Mother on my way to work to look at a certain page in the local paper, so looked once I got there:
Think it was 2 counts of rape and 7 of molestation.
Aged 9 and 11 if I remember rightly.
I try not to remember though.
I almost fainted and I've never fainted in my life!

Thankfully, no-one judged me, even though I'd been seen around with him.
Thank God people know me well enough.
Still makes me want to vomit.

So no, I don't trust anyone to begin with.

This is so humiliating to admit, but I had to share to let others know just how easy it is to get taken in.


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I don't know if i could. There is a possibility, due to my general lack of care for people who I don't really like/know too well.


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nope. If I were in that situation, being accused of child molestation I really do not believe anything I could ever do would un-tarnish it.

People are sheep and work in a very predictable mob mentality. The only way I believe I could even come close to changing their minds would be if I sat every single one of them down on their own and explained to them that it was all a hoax. However it wouldnt take but a split second for them to change their mind back the moment another one started preaching about how horrid I was.

Had I been in that situation I'd just have to move to another place in hopes that A. They never even heard about my predicament or
B. They'd be easier to come to reason that I was found absolutely innocent.