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Could you move countries?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Do you think you could move into a different country that you currently live in? For me, I do not know if I could live elsewhere other than Canada. I would not mind trying the UK, but there is no way I could live in the U.S. I can only tolerate a week of it when I do go up there for a few trips.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I could see myself living in the U.K. or Canada, yes. Living somewhere that's hugely different from the U.S. would be tough, though.


Registered Member
Honestly, I don't think I could. Family & friends matter too much to me to leave everything behind. I would miss them like crazy.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Can't think of another country I would rather be in.


Registered Member
Yes. Moved to England when I was a kid with my family. Didn't want to go but had a great time, for the most part.

Stationed in Spain for 3 years. Loved that too.

I moved back to the USA but mostly because of family.


Son of Liberty
Not only would I not leave my country, I wouldn't leave my state. The rest of the states in the union don't interest me, and I'm not moving to any craphole either south or north of the USA's borders, so no.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My now wife was able to do it so I know I could do it as well. If she said we have to move to the UK, I could do it and live there. I would be fine. Canada is fine too.

Has to be English speaking though.


Creeping On You
Meh probably not. Canada's pretty much the best place to be in the world at the moment lol. UK's kind of in shambles, the states have trump now, mexico has the cartels that like to kill people, etc etc. Canada's pretty safe right now, and politically we're moving in the right direction too. Legalizing cannabis next year hopefully, getting more and more accepting of the lgbtq...etc, and with a younger prime minister and a way more vocal younger generation, all the older fuddy duddies are hopefully getting eschewed so Canada can keep changing for the better. I'm safe here, and its getting safer. Plus all my friends and family are here and I could never afford to emmigrate anyhow, so yah I'm not changing countries anytime soon lol, let alone provinces or even cities :p


I ♥ Haters
Could I? Yes. Do I want to? Probably not.

My mom's side of the family is from India and I lived there for about three and a half years in the mid-ish 90s. I was 9. Never really liked it much. My mother's family is incredibly wealthy in the old country so I pretty much had every comfort I could imagine but I still fucking hated it because as a female child I had a lot of restrictions placed upon me. My grandmother would constantly be afraid that I would either be kidnapped or raped so I wasn't allowed to be out after daylight. It fucking sucked to be a 10 year old and not being allowed to play with my brothers outside. If I wanted to go out shopping I would have a driver/bodyguard escort me around town. In fact, I visited in 2015 when my brother and his wife decided to do a destination wedding. I STILL had to be escorted around town by a bodyguard. I'll visit every other decade, but I have no desire of wanting to live there. No thanks.

I like where I am. I like this country and I enjoy the perks of being Canadian. I enjoy the freedoms I have here. Are there things we could do better? Sure, but I think we're much better off than other North American countries. At least we have most of our shit together.