Could you kill your cat?

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I would really love to get your opinions on this one. I was so shocked today at work when a colleague of mine said that he will be putting his cat down today. When I asked why, he told me how his new born baby (8 weeks old) is allergic to the cat and is having trouble breathing. The cat is 9 years old.

He said he tried to get a new home for the cat but no one will take a 9 year old cat as they struggle to adjust to new environments. He also said the vet said the best thing he could do is have the cat put down. Is this really the best thing he could do? I am not a cat person, but on the flip side, I also don't have kids/babies, so this might be easy for me to say. I just don't get how someone could basically kill their pet because their baby is allergic to it. There has to be another way, no? :shake:


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I find such a thing despicable. Their are better ways to get rid of a cat than to just kill it. You can easily just put it out in the wild and the problem is solved. And their should be no short supply of people willing to take in a cat, even a moderately old one. I think this dude just got lazy and is taking the easy solution instead of doing proper work in finding a home for his cat. An ad in a newspaper or even just a sign on a post or at work would solve the problem.


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I'm sure there are animal shelters which would take the cat in. There are heaps of animal lovers in the world. Not sure how the guy can do that so easily if he's had the cat for so long. I understand it's not good for his child's health but putting the cat down would never enter my mind.
Maybe he should put a notice up at work saying he'll give it away.


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You can easily just put it out in the wild and the problem is solved.
Except for the whole feral cat thing, of course. Then you get that problem...

Best thing you can do is put the cat in an animal shelter. Of course, do your research on them first, find out how the animals will be treated, where they'll be housed, if the shelter puts animals down regardless of its health.


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Our national shelter is not exactly the greatest place to take your unwanted animals, I will admit. But even I know of shelters that take in animals and never have them put out. I just heard the other day of one who spares no expenses in medical treatments even for the unwanted pets should they need it.

He said he did ask around who wanted to take the cat in. I would have taken the cat, except that our three dogs are not used to cats and might actually kill it themselves for one and also this guy lives less than a kilometer from me, so the cat would undoubtedly keep going back to them.

To top it all of, it's a little female ginger cat. They are actually so sought after (in SA anyway), there should be no issue finding it a new home.

I won't lie, I really gave this guy shit today about this. But he kept saying his baby is more important. Of course it is, but I can promise you now if my future baby was allergic to my dog, there is no way putting him out would be an option I would even consider for one second.

Is this cruelty to animals, or am I over reacting?


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Putting down a healthy animal is cruel. You are not over reacting, Idi. I would be just as angry as you are if I knew this person.
Maybe you could contact a shelter yourself and they could come and rescue the cat before he does have it put down.


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I am a cat owner and I love them dearly. I can understand the situation your friend is in though. I went through something similar.

We had 2 cats. One of them was not getting along well with our baby. He scratched her very close to her eye. if it was a few centimeters over she could have lost the eye. Now granted this is different than allergies, but I still think it applies.

We loved that cat and did not want to have it put down. We tried to get rid of him by finding another home for him. You would think that is easy, but it can be very difficult. We tried for over a year unsuccessfully. We also tried shelters. the problem is that the no-kill shelters fill up very fast and rarely have openings for new animals. Unless you are very lucky to be in the right place at exactly the right time then chances are the no-kill shelters will not be an option. We tried that route for over a year as well.

Putting the cat out into the wild is not always an option either. When we could not get rid of the cat without killing him we were forced to have his claws removed. That is something we are both very much against, but when it came down to our daughters eyes or the cats claws or having the cat killed the decision was easy. The claws lost. Well without claws a cat is defenseless and will not survive in the wild.

While I think it is a horrible choice to have to make, if all other options are exhausted I reluctantly agree with your friend that he has no other choice. It is easy for people without kids to say just let the kid have allergies, but it reality it is not as simple as that.


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That is absolutely cruel. Sure, you don't want to keep it around if your child is allergic... Except me being me, I probably would >.> I would offer to take the cat and find it a home if I were in the situation, but as you said, your dogs may not take kindly to that. Like Bliss said, if you can find a shelter that would be willing to take the cat, then I would offer to take it to the shelter for him, or let him know that there is one willing to take it.

It does sound like he is just being lazy and is not willing to put forth the effort. That or he is looking for the quickest way to rid himself of the cat so that his child doesn't have to deal with it for that long. He needs some sense slapped into him. I mean, is he that positive it is the cat anyway and not their laundry detergent, seasonal allergies, asthma, or something else?

Even if it isn't able to be placed in a no kill shelter, at least the cat has a chance at being adopted out to a more suitable home before being put to sleep.
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Bloooooooooooooooooooooody hell! I own a cat and I would take that cat. I cannot be the only one. This is a complete BS (if you excuse me for my language). It's a life... And he wants to take it away to make his own life easier and avoid the offort he needs to put in to find the cat a new and loving home. Pffft...
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