Could you go out with a cheater


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Let's say your starting a new relationship with this guy or girl, after a few weeks of dating he/she tells you that is last relationship ended because he/she cheated.

Would you stay with this person or not, afraid that he/she would cheat on you as well.
I would spend the rest of our relationship worrying about history repeating itself. If he didn't have enough morals not to stray once, what would stop him from doing it again?
I honestly don't think I could date a cheater.


still nobody's bitch
Since I wouldn't have any idea why he cheated (unless he told me) I would assume that it had nothing to do with me or our current relationship.


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I don't think I could. I think I would continue to date her but I would worry about her cheating on me.

If she cheated on her last partner, what's to stop her from doing it to me?


Son of Liberty
I agree every relationship is different. I've cheated on girlfriend's in the past that has nothing to do with my marriage now.


I'm serious
I will give my man the benefit of the doubt. What's in the past is in the past and I will trust him with all my heart. I will never doubt him or accuse him of anything.

But having said that, if I do find proof that he did then cheat on me, he is out on the first strike!!:nono:


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i dont realy care abouth the past of someone i whould date. To some extend yeah. But ppl learn from their mistakes.. So yes i whould go out with a cheater..


I don't think I could . 90% no.
But don't know what may happen. It depends on how much he regretted it and if it was something inevitable or "reasonable".

I would stay with them. As people have said before me, "every relationship is different," however if the person cheated on me... that's a different story.